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Microsoft Julia Child - Home Cooking with Master Chefs
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NameMicrosoft Julia Child - Home Cooking with Master Chefs
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Product Description

Follow Julia Child into the lively kitchens of 16 influential chefs for a "virtual apprenticeship" in the art of cooking. Here's the interactive way to gain culinary expertise and savor memorable meals at the same time.

"The art of cooking is indeed a noble hobby," Julia remarks. And you'll agree, whether you're new to cooking or a practiced home chef. Here are 25 detailed video lessons, 100+ recipes, plus more than 250 inventive and timesaving tips to help you easily acquire the confidence and creativity of the true gourmet. Master unique salads, perfectly sauced pastas, exotic curries, irresistible desserts, and much more.

Fill your home with the rich aromas of mouth-watering dishes. Discover more than 100 original recipes, each with a tantalizing photo. You can scale recipe ingredients from an intimate candlelit supper to a holiday feast for 12. More than 400 photographic references pop open to provide useful information on ingredients, cookware, and utensils. Automatic shopping lists are an added convenience.

"Just watching a practiced cook handle a knife is a learning experience." Enjoy "live" demonstrations with video clips from the Emmy Award-nominated TV series.

"The more one learns, the easier, faster, and more enjoyable cooking is." Watching the featured chefs in action, you'll learn secrets that take the mystery out of gourmet meals. Enjoy whole lessons from start to finish, or watch selected steps at your leisure. With every viewing, you'll discover new techniques to try in your own kitchen.
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