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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksPrince Of Persia ~ Warrior Within (Original Soundtrack)
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NamePrince Of Persia ~ Warrior Within (Original Soundtrack)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:17]01.Welcome Within
[02:12]02.Attack At Sea
[02:07]03.Conflict At The Entrance
[02:09]04.Tower Encounter
[02:25]05.Confrontation In The Mechanical Tower
[02:12]06.Military Aggression
[02:13]07.Clash In The Catacombs
[02:25]08.Struggle In The Library
[02:12]09.Rooftop Engagement
[02:13]10.An Unsafe Sanctuary
[02:22]11.The Mystic Caves
[01:10]12.Mystic Sanctuary
[01:30]13.Desolation Of The Tower
[01:18]14.Avoid The Guards
[01:28]15.Explore The Catacombs
[01:29]16.Divine Sacrifice
[01:23]17.Dark Gardens
[01:38]18.Shadows Of The Tower
[01:27]19.The Guard Tower Past
[01:24]20.Worried In The Catacombs
[01:06]21.The Mask Sanctuary
[03:23]22.The Chase Of Time
[02:09]23.The Prophecy
[00:28]24.Escape In The Temple
[02:11]25.Despair And Hope
[01:13]26.The Mask
[01:48]27.Dahaka's Revenge
[02:42]28.Back To Babylon
[02:18]29.Escape The Dahaka
[02:09]30.At War With Kaileena
[02:21]31.Battle The Dahaka
[02:25]32.Conflict Of The Griffins
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