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MICROSOFTInteractive MultimediaMicrosoft Automap Streets Plus (1997)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Automap Streets Plus
File NameSEUSS5.iso
Size669,741,056 bytes (638.7 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft's Automap Streets Plus 1997 mapping software makes it very easy to pinpoint a location and generate both printed maps and written driving directions. This program has all-new maps illustrating over six million miles of US roads and customized 'pushpins' that let users add their own data to a location. It can even include embedded Internet links and multimedia files. There is a new database of 300,000 hotels, restaurants and museums users can access by clicking anywhere on a map. The $69.95 Deluxe Edition comes with the American Yellow Pages CD-ROM and lets users search 14 million businesses, but moving between the two discs is slightly awkward. Microsoft supplies such handy features as a route highlighter, support for GPS receivers and an easy-to-use address finder. The intuitive interface and built-in travel information make Automap 1997 a more competitive product than previous versions.
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