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PC GAMEAdventure,PuzzleLittle Big Adventure 1 (LBA1)(Twinsen's Adventure)
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Product Details
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NameLittle Big Adventure 1 (Twinsen's Adventure)
LanguagesEnglish,German, French
File NameLBA1.bin
Size499,642,416 bytes (476.4 MB)
NameLittle Big Adventure 1 (Twinsen's Adventure)
File NameLBA1.cue
Size439 bytes (439 B)
File NameLittleTrainer.exe
Size810,598 bytes (791 KB)
NameLbaWinSetup 0.8.1
File NameLbaWinSetup_0.8.1.exe
Size483,571 bytes (472 KB)
NameLBA Savegame Editor
File NameLBASavegameEditor.exe
Size641,536 bytes (626 KB)
NameLBAHQ Language Changer (for LBA1 & LBA1)
File NameLBAHQ_Lang_Tool.exe
Size57,344 bytes (56 KB)
Product Description

Little Big Adventure is an action-adventure game developed by Adeline Software International and first released at the end of 1994. It was published in Europe by Electronic Arts and in North America, Asia and Oceania under the name Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure by Activision. Over 400,000 copies of the game were sold worldwide in the first release. The game was initially released on CD-ROM and some time later on floppy disks; the CD-ROM version featured full motion video, music and speech whereas the floppy disk version has MIDI music files and still images to replace the videos.

Twinsen is the hero of the game. The chosen one of the planet, heir to its prophecy, he must gather magical objects and sabotage FunFrock's reign. He is voiced by Sylvain Caruso in French, and Dana Westberg in English.

Provide DOSBox that can let game run on Windows 10/7/XP.
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