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Speech SDK and DDKs

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NameSpeech SDK 3.0
File Namespeechsdk.exe
Size54,215,584 bytes (51.7 MB)
NameSpeech SDK 5.0
File Nameen_speechsdk_50.exe
Size149,517,760 bytes (142.5 MB)
NameSpeech SDK 5.1
File Namespeechsdk51.exe
Size71,286,990 bytes (67.9 MB)
NameSpeech SDK 5.1 Lang Pack
LanguagesChinese, Japanese
File Namespeechsdk51LangPack.exe
Size85,495,160 bytes (81.5 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Speech SDK 3.0 Release Notes

You will find in this folder the following files:

sdk30s.exe - the Speech SDK in "suite" form
sdk30.exe - the Speech SDK version 3.0 in "standalone" form (see below)
msdctx86.exe - Microsoft Dictation, a research demonstration of discrete dictation

These self-installing executables are for use on any X86-based PC's. In the subdirectory "alpha" you can find versions of these files for computers based on the DEC Alpha processors.

The "SDK Suite" contains:
- the SDK files
- Microsoft's text-to-speech (TTS) engine
- Microsoft's command and control (CNC) engine
- Microsoft Voice, a sample command-and-control application

The SDK in standalone form contains just the SDK files.

If you are an application developer and do not already have the engines you wish to use, you should install the SDK Suite. If you already have the engines from another vendor, or if you wish to develop your own engine, you can install the standalone version of the SDK.

The Microsoft Speech SDK 3.0 works with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 (x86, Alpha).

What is the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.0?

Microsoft Speech SDK 5.0 is a software development kit for building speech engines and applications for Microsoft Windows. Designed primarily for the desktop speech developer, the SDK contains the Microsoft Win32-compatible speech application programming interface (SAPI 5.0), the Microsoft continuous speech recognition (MCSR) engine and Microsoft concatenative speech synthesis (or text-to-speech (TTS)) engine, a collection of speech-oriented development tools for compiling source code and executing commands, sample application and tutorials that demonstrate the use of Speech with other engine technologies, sample speech recognition and speech synthesis engines for testing with speech-enabled applications, and documentation on the most important SDK features.

Supported operating systems are:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Workstation, English edition or English edition with Japanese or Simplified Chinese Language support.
Microsoft Windows Millennium edition.
Microsoft Windows ® NT Workstation 4.0, service pack 6a, English, Japanese, or Simplified Chinese edition.
Microsoft Windows 98 (Windows 95 is not supported).
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