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Microsoft R Server 9.0.1

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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft R Server 9.0.1 for Windows (x64)
File Nameen_r_server_901_for_windows_x64_9649035.zip
Size329,711,311 bytes (314.4 MB)
NameMicrosoft R Server 9.0.1 for Linux (x64)
File Nameen_r_server_901_for_linux_x64_9648602.gz
Size329,711,311 bytes (314.4 MB)
NameMicrosoft R Server 9.0.1 for Hadoop (x64)
File Nameen_r_server_901_for_hadoop_x64_9648875.gz
Size269,463,356 bytes (256.9 MB)
NameMicrosoft R Server 9.0.1 for Teradata (x64)
File Nameen_r_server_901_for_teradata_x64_9649029.gz
Size152,392,533 bytes (145.3 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft R Server 9.0 takes best-of-breed ML algorithms that have been battle-tested by Microsoft on a variety of our products, and now makes them available for your use in the new MicrosoftML package. You can combine the algorithms delivered in this package with pre-existing parallel external memory algorithms such as the RevoScaleR package as well as open source innovations such as CRAN R packages to deliver the best predictive analytics.

Microsoft R Server 9.0 now supports Spark 2.0, in addition to Spark 1.6, and also adds support for Ubuntu, complementing our support for SUSE and RedHat Linux. With these additions, we now support three distributions of Hadoop (Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR) on three different flavors of Linux.

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