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PC GAMESportsMicrosoft Golf 2.0
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Golf 2.0
File NameGOLF2.iso
Size529,270,784 bytes (504.7 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Golf returns with a new course, revamped graphics, and other enhancements. Play 18 holes at Firestone Country Club, which offers accurate layouts for each hole in 256 colors. Also new to this version is the ability to select a view from the green, displayed in a window adjacent to your golfer. Other additions include instant replay from two vantage points, individual and course stat tracking, and the ability to customize your male or female golfer's hair, skin, and shirt. Owners of previously released Microsoft Golf add-on courses can experience them with 256-color graphics after importing them into Microsoft Golf 2.0.

You can run it on Windows 10(x86)/8(x86)/7(x86)/Vista(x86)/XP/98/95.
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