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Microsoft The Magic School Bus - Explores the Ocean

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NameMicrosoft The Magic School Bus - Explores the Ocean (with Soundtrack)
File NameMSEO100__01.bin,MSEO100__01.cue
Size423,131,856 bytes (403.5 MB)
Product Description

In this adventure, Ms. Frizzle and her class are headed to the ocean on a mission to explore zones and answer three clues that will lead to a sunken treasure. Traveling by submarine bus, the group will make stops at the Coral Reef, the Open Ocean, the Deep Ocean, the Hot Vents, the Kelp Forest, and more. At each stop the player can access activities, reports and experiments related to that zone by clicking on items nearby. There are also a number of zone-themed minigames that utilize both the mouse and the arrow keys.

You can run it on XP/98/95.
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