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Wallace & Gromit - A Grand Day Out & The Wrong Trousers

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NameWallace And Gromit - A Grand Day Out & The Wrong Trousers (DVD)
Language English, Svenska, Norsk, Dansk
Subtitles Svenska, Norsk, Dansk, Soumi
File NameWallace_And_Gromit_Disc_1.iso
Size3,391,393,792 bytes (3.15 GB)
Product Description

A Grand Day Out:

Wallace and his sophisticated dog Gromit have to decide where to go for their annual picnic. With a homemade rocket and large appetite they head for the moon in search of cheese. Their moon-tasting arouses the anger of the moon's resident mechanical caretaker. In the conflict that ensues the earthlings unwittingly help the robot to fulfil its dreams.

The Wrong Trousers:

The Wrong Trousers reunites Wallace & Gromit, the much loved stars of Nick's Oscar-nominated A Grand Day Out in a raucous roller coaster ride of discovery and invention. A villainous penguin and a pair of automated techno-trousers are the catalysts for an hilarious comedy thriller as our plasticine heroes are plunged into one of their wildest adventures!
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