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DVD/VCDCartoonPingu – Classic Collection (9DVD)
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Product Details
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NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD1)
File NamePINGU_1.iso
Size3,889,135,616 bytes (3.62 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD2)
File NamePINGU_2.iso
Size3,984,031,744 bytes (3.71 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD3)
File NamePINGU_3.iso
Size4,494,688,256 bytes (4.18 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD4)
File NamePINGU_4.iso
Size3,579,019,264 bytes (3.33 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD5)
File NamePINGU_5.iso
Size3,588,882,432 bytes (3.34 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD6)
File NamePINGU_6.iso
Size3,829,268,480 bytes (3.56 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD7)
File NamePINGU_7.iso
Size2,771,124,224 bytes (2.58 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD8)
File NamePINGU_8.iso
Size2,657,091,740 bytes (2.47 GB)
NamePingu – Classic Collection (DVD9)
File NamePINGU_9.iso
Size2,433,075,356 bytes (2.26 GB)
Product Description


01.Pingu is introduced
02.Pingu helps with incubating
03.Pingu helps to deliver mail
04.Pingu goes fishing
05.Pinga is born
06.Pingu is jealous
07.Pingu plays fish tennis
08.Pingu & the snowball fight
09.PINGU Pingu & the avalanche incident

01.Pingu on makeshift skis
02.Pingu’s Tobogganing
03.Pinga is left out
04.Pingu plays ice hockey
05.Pingu builds an igloo
06.Pingu runs away from home
07.Pingu & Pinga don’t want to go to bed
08.Pingu has music lessons
09.Pingu’s lavatory story

Disk 2

01.Pingu & his friends play too loudly
02.Pingu at school
03.Pingu in the ice cave
04.Pingu dreams
05.Pingu’s grandfather is sick
06.Pingu & the Organ Grinder
07.Pingu’s parents go to a concert
08.Pingu and Pinga play circus

01.Pingu at the doctor
02.Pingu’s admirer
03.Pingu & the seagull
04.Pingu’s first kiss
05.Pingu surfing on the ice
06.Pingu’s curling party
07.Pingu as an Icicle-player
08.Pingu as a chef

Disk 3

01.Pingu’s family celebrate Chrismas
02.Pingu’s outing
03.Pingu & the camera
04.Pingu’s parents have no time
05.Pingu & the packaging material
06.Pingu the apprentice Magician
07.Pingu’s birthday
08.Pingu at the fairground
09.Pingu as babysitter

01.Pingu cannot lose
02.Pingu & the disable penguin
03.Pingu & the gift
04.Pingu’s hospital visit
05.Pingu on the school trip
06.Pingu visits the kindergarten
07.Pingu & the stranger
08.Pingu helps around the house
09.Pingu builds a snowman

Disk 4

01.Pingu the cross country skier
02.Pingu museum visit
03.Pingu’s grandfather comes to visit
04.Pingu’s big trip
05.Pingu pretends to be ill
06.Pingu the painter
07.Pingu’s prank
08.Pingu & the birds mother

01.Pingu argues with his mother
02.Pingu & the message in a bottle
03.Pingu has an idea
04.Pingu & the broken vase
05.Pingu & the papper aeroplane
06.Pingu seeks revenge
07.Pingu & the mix up
08.Pingu & the toy
09.Pingu plays

Disk 5

01.Pingu and the Fishing Competition
02.Pingu and the Letter
03.Pingu Feels Left Out
04.Pingu Wins First Prize
05.Pingu and the Ghost
06.Pingu and the Postcard
07.Pingu's Discovery
08.Pingu and the Baker
09.Pingu and the Lost Ball

01.Pingu's Disadvantage
02.Pingu Refuses To Help
03.Pingu the Mountaineer
04.Pingu and the Big Fish
05.Pingu Shows What He Can Do
06.Pingu Clears the Snow
07.Pingu Has a Day Off
08.Pingu the Archer

Disk 6

01.Pingu Gets a Warning
02.Pingu and the Magnet
03.Pingu Gets Help
04.Pingu in Paradise
05.Pingu's Dangerous Joke
06.Pingu the Pilot
07.Pingu Teases Pinga
08.Pingu's Wish
09.Pingu is Curious

01.Pingu Gets Organized
02.Pingu Builds a Tower
03.Pingu the King
04.Pingu the Baker
05.Pingu and the Doll
06.Pingu Helps Grandfather
07.Pingu Has a Bad Day
08.Pingu Loses the Bet
09.Pingu and His Cup

Disk 7

01.Pingi's Valentine Card
02.Pinga Sleepwalks
03.Pingu's Bouncy Fun
04.Pinga's Lost Rabbit
05.Pingu's Windy Day
06.Pingu Wants to Fly
07.Pingu Digs a Hole
08.Pingu Finishes the Job
09.Pingu the Snowboarder

Disk 8

01.Pingu's Moon Adventure
02.Pingu and Pinga Go Camping
03.Pinga Has Hiccups
04.Like Father Like Pingu
05.Pingu's Ice Sculpture
06.Pinga's Balloon
07.Pingu and the Band
08.Pingu and the Knitting Machine
09.Pingu's Bedtime Shadows

Disk 9

01.Pingu Plays Tag
02.Pingu's Stick Up
03.Pingu and the Doorbell
04.Pingu's Balancing Act
05.Pingu Gets Lost
06.Pingu's Pancakes
07.Stinky Pingu
08.Pingu and the Snowball
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