CD(Lossless)SoundtracksCommand & Conquer: Alarmstufe Rot (Die Special Compilation)
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NameCommand & Conquer
Track listing
[03:07]01.Cobalt 60 - Crush (Command & Conquer Mix)
[03:45]02.Revolter - Full Screen Horror
[04:00]03.16 Volt - Two Wires Thin
[03:43]04.Laibach - God Is God
[05:16]05.Oomph! - I.N.R.I. Vs. Jahwe
[03:24]06.Project Pitchfork - 2069 AD
[03:59]07.The Prodigy - Breathe
[03:38]08.Machines Of Loving Grace - Richest Junkie Still Alive
[04:58]09.Ugly Mustard - Twist And Shake
[06:11]10.Strapping Young Lad - Spirituality
[04:42]11.Grils Under Glass - Burning Eyes
[05:04]12.Psykosonik - Ride
[05:10]13.Violent Vision - Pleasure Of Sin (Radical Remix Extended)
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