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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksJerry Goldsmith - Mulan (The Complete Score)
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NameJerry Goldsmith - Mulan (The Complete Score)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:02]02.Main Title
[02:12]03.Attack At The Wall - The emperor
[02:54]04.Prayers - Grandma's Cricket
[01:51]05.The Matchmaker
[03:02]07.Proclamation From The Emperor
[03:14]08.The Transformation - Mulan Leaves
[01:19]09.Awakening The Great Stone Dragon
[00:55]10.Master Plan
[01:54]12.A Man's World
[00:54]13.Ping Introduces
[00:42]14.A New Day
[01:07]15.The Arrow
[01:03]16.The Doll
[00:56]17.Bogus Letter
[00:36]18.The Delivery
[03:13]19.Burnt Village - The General Is Dead
[01:16]20.Arrow Attack
[01:50]21.The Huns Ride
[02:42]23.The Masquerade Is Over
[03:22]24.Confessions - Surviving Huns
[01:30]25.Victory Celebration
[00:41]27.The Huns Intrude
[02:25]28.Concubines - Saving The Emperor
[02:37]29.Mushu To The Rescue
[01:50]30.Honoring Mulan
[03:36]32.End Credits
[03:48]34.The Emperor - Prayers (Alternative)
[03:22]35.Mulan's Transformation (Alternative)
[02:43]36.Confessions - To The Imperial City (Alternative)
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