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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksRandy Newman - Toy Story: The Legacy Collection (2CD)
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NameRandy Newman - Toy Story
Track listing
[02:04]02.You've Got A Friend In Me (Remastered)
[00:42]03.Andy's Birthday Is Today
[01:12]04.They're Alive!
[00:43]05.Staff Meeting Everybody!
[00:39]06.You Too, Bo Peep
[01:33]07.Andy's Birthday Party
[01:30]08.Code Red
[00:37]09.A Good Soldier Never Leaves A Man Behind
[01:19]10.Presents: Who Invited That Kid?
[01:09]11.Surprise Present
[00:22]12.What Are You Doing Under The Bed?
[01:07]13.Buzz Revealed
[00:44]14.Buzz Flies
[03:25]15.Strange Things (Remastered)
[00:20]16.Woody / Bo Peep
[00:17]18.Virtual Realty
[00:58]19.Woody Plots
[00:25]20.Rube Globeburg
[01:07]21.Woody Did It!
[01:11]22.Rescue Attempt
[00:32]23.Buzz, You're Alive!
[00:35]24.Buzz And Woody Fight
[00:19]25.Buzz's Mission
[00:58]26.It's A Spaceship, Buzz
[00:37]27.Pizza Planet Rock
[01:28]28.What? Hello? A Space Port!
[02:18]29.The Claw
[01:09]30.Dr. Sid
[01:12]31.Mutant Toys
[00:52]32.Wood's Gone
[00:53]33.Sorry Guys, Dinner's Canceled
[00:54]35.Buzz Lightyear Commercial
[03:01]36.I Will Go Sailing No More (Remastered)
[00:45]37.Out The Window
[01:29]38.Sid's Toys Fix Buzz
[01:23]39.The Big One
[00:47]40.Sad Andy
[02:16]41.Buzz, I Need Your Help
[00:45]42.Working Together (Leads To Failure)
[03:41]43.The Rescue, Pt. 1
[01:09]44.Sid Counts Down
[01:30]45.The Rescue, Pt. 2: Play Nice, Sid
[01:42]46.Chasing The Van
[02:28]47.RC To The Rescue
[02:12]48.To Infinity And Beyond
[01:47]49.Together Again And A Very Merry Christmas
[02:40]50.Randy Newman (feat. Lyle Lovett) / You've Got A Friend In Me (Remastered)
[02:21]51.End Credits
NameRandy Newman - Toy Story
Track listing
[03:00]01.Strange Things (Piano/Vocal Demo)
[03:20]02.Plastic Spaceman (Piano/Vocal Demo)
[03:37]03.I Will Go Sailing No More (Piano/Vocal Demo)
[02:08]04.The Fool (Piano/Vocal Demo)
[02:06]05.You've Got a Friend in Me (Instrumental Version/Remastered 2015)
[03:19]06.Strange Things (Instrumental Version/Remastered 2015)
[02:57]07.I Will Go Sailing No More (Instrumental Version/Remastered 2015)
[00:41]08.Thanking the Orchestra
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