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Aladdin: Special Edition(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)
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Track listing
[01:19]01.Bruce Adler - Arabian Nights
[01:25]02.Alan Menken - Legend of the Lamp
[02:22]03.Brad Kane - One Jump Ahead
[01:52]04.Alan Menken - Street Urchins
[01:01]05.Alan Menken - One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
[02:26]06.Robin Williams - Friend Like Me
[01:39]07.Alan Menken - To Be Free
[02:51]08.Robin Williams - Prince Ali
[02:40]09.Brad Kane & Lea Salonga - A Whole New World
[02:43]10.Alan Menken - Jafar's Hour
[01:07]11.Alan Menken - Prince Ali (Reprise)
[01:35]12.Alan Menken - The Ends of The Earth
[01:51]13.Alan Menken - The Kiss
[02:55]14.Alan Menken - On A Dark Night
[00:46]15.Alan Menken - Jasmine Runs Away
[02:37]16.Alan Menken - Marketplace
[04:57]17.Alan Menken - The Cave Of Wonders
[01:51]18.Alan Menken - Aladdin's Word
[03:39]19.Alan Menken - The Battle
[04:15]20.Alan Menken - Happy End in Agrabah
[04:10]21.Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle - A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)
[02:29]22.Alan Menken - Proud of Your Boy (Demo)
[04:21]23.Alan Menken - High Adventure (Demo)
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