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Office FrontPage 2000
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Product Details
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NameFrontPage 2000
File NameMSFP9.iso
Size435,535,872 bytes (415.3 MB)
NameFrontPage 2000 Bonus Pack
File NameBONUSPACK.iso
Size344,471,552 bytes (328.5 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and website administration tool. With Microsoft FrontPage, the user has the capability of creating and posting web pages on the Internet. With FrontPage 2000, the user has the capability of either the WYSIWYG editor, which allows the user to create web pages without any programming, or for advanced users, to program in straight HTML.

Bonus Pack for the Microsoft FrontPage 2000 45-Day Trial rounds out your trial experience by providing you with easy-to-understand instructional materials, free images and themes to enhance the Web sites you create, and a 30-Day Trial of Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 that lets you easily create and edit your own images.
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