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Microsoft R Client

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NameMicrosoft R Client (x64)
File Nameen_microsoft_r_client_x64_8839107.exe
Size10,228,208 bytes (9.7 MB)
NameMicrosoft R Client 3.3.2 (Updated Dec 2016) (x64)
File Nameen_microsoft_r_client_3.3.2_updated_dec_2016_x64_9802514.exe
Size243,547,112 bytes (232.2 MB)
Product Description

Download Microsoft R Open

Microsoft R Client is a data science tool for high performance analytics. R Client is built on top of Microsoft R Open so you can use any open source R packages to build your analytics. Additionally, R Client introduces the powerful ScaleR technology and its proprietary functions to benefit from parallelization and remote computing.

R Client allows you to work with production data locally using the full set of ScaleR functions, but there are some constraints. On its own, the data to be processed must fit in local memory, and processing is limited up to two threads for ScaleR functions. To benefit from disk scalability, performance and speed, you can push the compute context to a production instance of Microsoft R Server such as SQL Server R Services and R Server for Hadoop.
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