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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksHideyuki Fukasawa - Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition
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NameHideyuki Fukasawa - Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition (CD1)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:33]02.THE NEXT DOOR
[00:59]03.AC Mode Select Screen (Game Arrange)
[01:03]04.Character Select Screen (Game Arrange)
[03:29]05.Old Temple Stage (Japan)
[03:25]06.Crowded Downtown Stage (China)
[03:17]07.Snowy Rail Yard Stage (Russia)
[04:01]08.Cruise Ship Stern Stage (Europe)
[03:32]09.Beautiful Bay Stage (Vietnam)
[03:14]10.Drive-in at Night Stage (USA)
[03:22]11.Small Airfield Stage (Africa)
[03:37]12.Inland Jungle Stage (Brazil)
[03:25]13.Historic Distillery Stage (Scotland)
[03:22]14.Overpass Stage (Tokyo)
[03:29]15.Volcanic Rim Stage (Steet Fighter IV)
[03:02]16.Deserted Temple Stage (Japan)
[03:25]17.Run-down Back Alley Stage (China)
[03:32]18.Morning Mist Bay Stage (Vietnam)
[03:37]19.Pitch-black Jungle Stage (Brazil)
[02:44]20.Secret Laboratory Stage (Round 1)
[03:24]21.Secret Laboratory Stage (Round 2)
[02:21]22.Training Stage
[00:10]23.VS Screen (Normal)
[01:48]24.Results Screen
[00:11]25.A New Warrior Has Entered The Ring
[00:43]26.Continue Screen
[00:10]28.Game Over
[01:13]29.CS Lobby Screen
[00:10]30.VS Screen (Rival)
[00:53]31.Congratulations Screen
[00:40]32.AC Ending (Type A)
[00:53]33.AC Ending (Type B)
[00:52]34.AC Ending (Type C)
[00:42]35.AC Ending (Type D)
[00:41]36.AC Ending (Type E)
NameHideyuki Fukasawa - Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition (CD2)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:33]01.The Next Door (Indestructible)
[03:19]02.Theme of Ryu (SF IV Arrange)
[03:25]03.Theme of Ken (SF IV Arrange)
[03:36]04.Theme of Chun-Li (SF IV Arrange)
[03:15]05.Theme of Guile (SF IV Arrange)
[03:13]06.Theme of Zangief (SF IV Arrange)
[03:02]07.Theme of C. Viper
[02:34]08.Theme of Abel
[02:52]09.Theme of Rufus
[03:11]10.Theme of El Fuerte
[03:15]11.Theme of Sagat (SF IV Arrange)
[02:59]12.Theme of Vega (SF IV Arrange)
[02:52]13.Theme of Gouki (SF IV Arrange)
[02:55]14.Theme of Gouken
[03:14]15.Theme of Sakura (SF IV Arrange)
[02:43]16.Theme of Cammy (SF IV Arrange)
[02:50]17.Theme of Rose (SF IV Arrange)
[01:42]18.Theme of Gouki vs. Ryu
[02:38]19.Theme of Gouken vs. Ryu
[05:22]20.Staff Roll
[03:14]21.TGS '08 PV BGM
[05:06]22.Shop PV BGM
[04:49]23.Street Fighter IV (Orchestra Ver.)
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