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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)
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NameOverClocked ReMix - Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[00:37]01.Rock the Asphalt (Opening Demo)
[02:29]02.Clamato Fever (Menu)
[00:37]03.The Select Few (Character Select)
[00:05]04.Stand-up Game (VS: Open Beta)
[00:03]05.Fisticuffs (VS)
[01:50]06.Reinterpretation (Ryu Stage)
[00:26]07.Reinterpretation HD (Ryu Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]08.Nomadic (Ryu Ending)
[01:42]09.Made in U.S.A. (Ken Stage)
[00:48]10.Made in U.S.A. HD (Ken Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]11.Commitment Shodan (Ken Ending 1)
[00:30]12.Wedding March (Ken Ending 2)
[02:03]13.Dosu-Koi (E. Honda Stage)
[00:57]14.Dosu-Koi HD (E. Honda Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]15.Fight and Feast (E. Honda Ending)
[01:48]16.Street Market (Chun-Li Stage)
[01:23]17.Street Market HD (Chun-Li Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]18.So Am I Reveng'd (Chun-Li Ending 1)
[00:30]19.Single Ladies, Clap Your Hands (Chun-Li Ending 2)
[00:30]20.Long Leg of the Law (Chun-Li Ending 3)
[01:21]21.Docks Day (Blanka Stage)
[01:01]22.Docks Day HD (Blanka Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]23.Long Lost (Blanka Ending)
[01:59]24.Red Cyclone (Zangief Stage)
[00:32]25.Red Cyclone HD (Zangief Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]26.Viktory Tastes You (Zangief Ending)
[01:48]27.Combat and Service (Guile Stage)
[01:48]28.Combat and Service HD (Guile Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]29.Blood on the Asphalt (Guile Ending)
[01:58]30.Reaching for Nirudha (Dhalsim Stage)
[00:49]31.Reaching for Nirudha HD (Dhalsim Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]32.Home at Last (Dhalsim Ending)
[00:26]33.MMA Selector (Options)
[02:10]34.New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage)
[00:56]35.New Mexican Thunderbird HD (T. Hawk Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]36.Brand New Mexico (T. Hawk Ending)
[01:55]37.Flying Heaven (Fei Long Stage)
[01:15]38.Flying Heaven HD (Fei Long Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]39.The Dragon, The Hero (Fei Long Ending)
[01:40]40.Thank You, Dee Jay (Dee Jay Stage)
[00:35]41.Thank You, Dee Jay HD (Dee Jay Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]42.Hot Club Joint (Dee Jay Ending)
[01:36]43.Army Girl (Cammy Stage)
[00:26]44.Army Girl HD (Cammy Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]45.PTSD (Cammy Ending)
[00:06]46.Ready for the Next Sucka (Match End)
[00:11]47.Just One More... (Continue)
[00:02]48.New Blood (Here Comes a New Challenger)
[01:58]49.Sexy Trunks (Balrog Stage)
[00:57]50.Sexy Trunks HD (Balrog Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]51.How I'm Livin' (Balrog Ending)
[01:54]52.Spittin' Narcissism (Vega Stage)
[01:05]53.Spittin' Narcissism HD (Vega Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]54.The Beauteous (Vega Ending)
[01:50]55.Sagat's Moonbike (Sagat Stage)
[00:41]56.Sagat's Moonbike HD (Sagat Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]57.Hollow Glory (Sagat Ending)
[01:26]58.Tribute to the Master (M. Bison Stage)
[00:49]59.Tribute to the Master HD (M. Bison Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:30]60.Call Him Dictator (M. Bison Ending)
[01:55]61.Mountain Breaker (Akuma Stage)
[00:55]62.Mountain Breaker HD (Akuma Stage: Heavy Damage)
[00:29]63.Killing Machine (Akuma Ending)
[01:43]64.The World Warriors (Credits)
[00:02]65.See Ya! (Game Over)
[00:04]66.Grand Masters (Ranking Display)
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