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CD(Lossless)MiscellaneousFine Young Cannibals - The Raw & The Remix
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NameFine Young Cannibals - The Raw & The Remix (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[07:05]01.She Drives Me Crazy (David Z 12' Version)
[03:59]02.I'm Not Satisfied (New York Rap Version)
[04:38]03.Good Thing (12' Version)
[04:48]04.Johnny Come Home (Mark Moore 12' Version)
[04:40]05.I'm Not The Man I Used To Be (Jazzie B & Nellee Hooper Version)
[04:53]06.She Drives Me Crazy (The Monie Love Remix)
[04:36]07.I'm Not Satisfied (Matt Dike Remix)
[04:35]08.It's OK (It's Alright) (Ploeg Club Mix)
[04:37]09.I'm Not The Man I Used To Be (Smith & Mighty Version)
[05:01]10.Johnny Takes A Trip
[04:01]11.Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (The Mayhem Rhythm Remix Version)
[05:52]12.Don't Look Back (12' Version)
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