CD(Lossless)MiscellaneousVarious Artists - Die besten Beats aus Brasilien
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NameVarious Artists - Die besten Beats aus Brasilien (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:47]01.Carmen - Ritmo de la noche
[03:34]02.Luna Electric Band - La camisa negra
[04:03]03.La luna y estrellas - Obsesion
[04:25]04.Valdeci Oliveira - Copa de la vida
[02:47]05.J.R. Project - Samba de Janeiro
[03:22]06.Two Man sound - Charli Brown
[03:38]07.Luna Electric Band - Forca
[03:11]08.Valdeci Oliveira - Macarena
[03:27]09.La compagnie gitane - Bamboleo
[02:09]10.Concord - Lambada
[03:39]11.J.R. Project - Mambo No.5
[03:54]12.Valdeci Oliveira - Conga - Oye mi canto
[03:27]13.Luna Electric Band - Ritmo total (The Rhythm Divine)
[03:36]14.Luis Parraguez - La Bamba
[02:31]15.Valdeci Oliveira - Mas que nada
[04:19]16.Explosao do samba - Tristeza
[02:56]17.Sounds Unlimited - Porque te vas
[03:41]18.Valdeci Oliveira - The girl from Ipanema
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