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Various Artists - Rock Against Bush Volume 1 (1CD+1DVD)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameRock Against Bush Volume 1 (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:07]01.None More Black - Nothing To Do When You're Locked In A Vacancy
[01:39]02.Sum 41 - Moron
[02:27]03.Alkaline Trio - Warbrain
[02:28]04.Epoxies - Need More Time
[02:37]05.Anti-Flag - The School Of Assasins
[02:10]06.Against Me! - Sink, Florida, Sink (Electric)
[03:16]07.The Offspring - Baghdad
[03:22]08.The Get Up Kids - Lion And The Lamb
[02:49]09.Rise Against - Give It All
[03:13]10.Ministry - No W
[02:35]11.Descendents - Sad State Of Affairs
[02:23]12.Authority Zero - Revolution
[02:04]13.The Soviettes - IParanoia! Cha-Cha-Cha
[03:13]14.Jello Biafra With DOA - That's Progress
[03:43]15.RX Bandits - Overcome (The Recapitulation)
[02:28]16.Strung Out - No Voice Of Mine
[03:20]17.Strike Anywhere - To The World
[02:38]18.The Ataris - Heaven Is Falling
[03:06]19.Pennywise - God Save The USA
[03:25]20.Denali - Normal Days
[03:02]21.The World/Inferno Friendship Society - The Expatriate Act
[02:58]22.New Found Glory - No News Is Good News
[02:30]23.The Frisk - Basket Of Snakes
[02:31]24.NOFX - Jaw, Knee, Music
[02:35]25.Social Distortion - It's The Law
[02:05]26.Less Than Jake Feat. Billy Bragg - The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out
NameRock Against Bush Volume 1 (DVD)
Size2,199,871,488 bytes (2.04 GB)
Product Description

This compilation is not about making a profit; It's about making a difference

It's not about "Let's be punk rock and hate the government"; It's about "Let's be punk rock and change the government"

It's not about who's a sellout or who's more punk; It's about uniting against a common enemy
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