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MICROSOFTDeveloper ToolMicrosoft Macro Assembler 6.11 (MASM)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Macro Assembler 6.11
File Nameen_masm611.exe (Self-Extractor)
Size10,232,248 bytes (9.7 MB)
Product Description
The Microsoft Macro Assembler is an x86 assembler that uses the Intel syntax for Microsoft Windows.

When your application has to run at the absolute fastest, you need the Microsoft MASM assembly-language development system. Now MASM runs in the Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS operating systems. Complete documentation, Pentium processor support, instruction timings, and other features make MASM the best tool for serious assembly language development.

Include: 6.11d Patch and 6.13 Patch

MASM 6.13 includes support for the Intel Pentium Pro processor, the Intel MMX architecture, and AMD 3D Technology.

Due to changes in the MS-DOS extender used in earlier versions of MASM, MASM 6.13 does not run on Windows 3.1x or MS-DOS. Either Windows NT or Windows 95 is required to run MASM 6.13. If you are working in MS-DOS or Windows 3.1x, you need to continue using version 6.11d.

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