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50 Years of Australian Rock & Roll Vol 2 (3CD)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)
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Name50 Years of Australian Rock & Roll Vol 2 (CD1)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:25]01.Col Joye & The Joy Boys - Bye, Bye Baby Goodbye
[01:55]02.Lonnie Lee - Defenceless
[01:50]03.Little Pattie - Stompin' at Maroubra
[02:14]04.Ray Brown And The Whispers - Pride
[02:25]05.Purple Hearts - Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones
[01:52]06.Johnny Young & Kompany - Step Back
[02:20]07.The Twilights - Young Girl
[02:14]08.The Groop - Woman You're Breaking Me
[02:34]09.Ronnie Burns - Age Of Consent
[03:17]10.Axiom - My Baby's Gone
[04:07]11.Jeff St John & Copperwine - Teach Me How To Fly
[03:28]12.Chain - Judgement
[03:27]13.Healing Force - Golden Miles
[04:32]14.Masters Apprentices - Because I Love You
[02:47]15.Lobby Loyde & the Coloured Balls - Liberate Rock
[04:19]16.Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy
[04:09]17.Brian Cadd - Ginger Man
[03:31]18.Madder Lake - Goddbye Lollipop
[03:43]19.The Dingoes - Boy On The Run
[04:08]20.Stevie Wright - Evie-Let You Hair Hang Down (Part 1)
[04:30]21.Jon English - Turn The Page
[03:31]22.John Paul Young - The Love Game
[04:06]23.Sebastian Hardie - Rosanna
[03:59]24.Stars - Look After Yourself
Name50 Years of Australian Rock & Roll Vol 2 (CD2)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:27]01.Cold Chisel - Cheap Wine
[03:57]02.Little River Band - Help Is On Its Way
[03:09]03.The Radiators - Comin' Home
[04:32]04.Mi-Sex - But You Don't Care
[04:18]05.The Church - The Unguarded Moment
[04:00]06.Sunnyboys - Alone With You
[03:35]07.Mondo Rock - Cool World
[02:53]08.Divinyls - Boys In Town
[04:38]09.Sharon O'Neill - Maxine
[04:14]10.Tim Finn - Fraction Too Much Friction
[03:44]11.Eurogliders - Heaven (Must Be There)
[03:26]12.The Saints - Just Like Fire Would
[04:10]13.The Party Boys - He's Gonna Step On You Again
[05:01]14.James Reyne - Fall Of Rome
[04:05]15.The Triffids - Bury Me Deep In Love
[03:58]16.The Black Sorrows - Chained To The Wheel
[04:35]17.Ian Moss - Tucker's Daughter
[04:48]18.Absent Friends & Wendy Matthews - I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You
[04:25]19.Diesel - Come To Me
Name50 Years of Australian Rock & Roll Vol 2 (CD3)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:57]01.Baby Animals - One Word
[04:04]02.Weddings Parties Anything - Father's Day
[03:52]03.Crowded House - Distant Sun
[04:00]04.Mental As Anything - Mr Natural
[02:28]05.You Am I - Cathy's Clown
[03:03]06.Jebediah - Leaving Home
[04:36]07.The Superjesus - Down Again
[03:26]08.The Whitlams - Blow Up The Pokies
[03:41]09.28 Days - Rip It Up
[03:39]10.Something For Kate - Monsters
[04:23]11.Motor Ace - Carry On
[04:41]12.Grinspoon - Chemical Heart
[03:58]13.John Butler Trio - Zebra
[03:59]14.Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child
[04:25]15.Evermore - Running
[03:27]16.Youth Group - Forever Young
[04:19]17.Silverchair - Straight Lines
[03:34]18.Kisschasy - Do-Do's And Whoa-Oh's
[04:11]19.Gyroscope - Snakeskin
[03:30]20.Airbourne - Let's Ride
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