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Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition + Learn VB6.0 (2CD)(1999)

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NameMicrosoft Visual Basic 6.0 Learning Edition (1999)
File NameVBL600ENU1.iso
Size223,049,728 bytes (212.7 MB)
NameLearn Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Now (1999)
File NameLVBNPR.iso
Size498,978,816 bytes (475.8 MB)
Product Description

Visual Basic is an extremely flexible programming product designed for a variety of applications. Students, managers, and people in various technical fields use Visual Basic to learn how to write practical, Windows-based programs; business professionals use Visual Basic to write macros that leverage the documents and capabilities of their Microsoft Office applications; and experienced software developers use Visual Basic to build powerful commercial applications and corporate productivity tools.

Whether you fit into one of these categories or you are just curious about programming, Visual Basic 6.0 has features designed specifically for you. When you complete this programming course, you will have the skills necessary to write useful and interesting applications for the Windows and Windows NT operating systems.
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