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Farland Series SoundTrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameFarland Series SoundTrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[00:45]01.Theme Of FarlandStory
[01:52]02.Flapping Wings of the Earth (大地の羽ばたき)
[01:55]04.Opening For 'FarlandStory5'
[01:40]05.The Whole Beginning (すべての始まり)
[01:44]07.Opening Of FS8
[02:09]08.Theme Of FarlandSaga
[02:50]09.Opening Of FarlandSaga2
[02:10]11.Love Desire
[02:53]12.Port City (港町)
[03:15]13.Sea of Burning Sand (熱砂の海)
[01:15]14.Fields Of Joy
[02:23]15.Exploration! (探検!?)
[01:36]16.Kalin (カリン)
[00:38]17.Shall We Dance (踊りましょ?)
[01:11]18.Infiltration! (潜入!?)
[02:35]19.Joudouki Warrior (蒸動機兵)
[02:18]20.Cave (洞窟)
[02:21]21.Under The World II
[02:30]22.Strange (奇妙)
[00:51]24.Sadness (哀しみ)
[01:58]25.Sea (海)
[02:31]26.Open Space
[01:02]27.Normal Battle (通常バトル)
[01:32]28.Eat Bag
[01:17]29.Air's A Faire Fuir
[01:54]30.Boss Battle (ボスバトル)
[01:56]31.The Supreme God (至高神)
[01:54]32.King of Ruin (破滅の王)
[00:58]33.Devil King (魔王)
[03:10]34.Space-Time (時空)
[01:07]37.Next Feel a Foreboding
[01:11]38.Ever Gray
[01:29]39.Morning (朝)
Product Description
01,26,38 From "Farland Story Legend"

02, 13, 22, 31 From "Farland Story - Angel's Tear"

03,21,28,37 From "Farland Story - Shirogane no Tsubasa"

04,23,29 From "Farland Story - Daichi no Kizuna"

05,19,32 From "Farland Story - Kamigami no Isan"

06,14,36 From "Farland Story - Kemono-oo no Akashi"

07,15,35 From "Farland Story - Kyoushin no Miyako"

08,12,16,25,39 From "Farland Saga"

09,20,34,40 From "Farland Saga - Toki no Michishirube"

10,17,24 From "Farland Odyssey - Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono"

11,18,27,30 From "Farland Odyssey II - Kimi ni Okuru Serenade"

33 From "Farland Story - Yotsu no Fuuin"
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