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Corel Print House Magic 3 Delux (1998)(3CD)

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Product Details
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NameCorel Print House Magic 3 Delux (CD1)
File NamePHMDLXUSCD1.iso
Size609,449,984 bytes (581.2 MB)
NameCorel Print House Magic 3 Delux (CD2)
File NamePHMDLXUSCD2.iso
Size642,940,928 bytes (613.1 MB)
NameCorel Print House Magic 3 Delux (CD3)
File NamePHMDLXUSCD3.iso
Size567,691,264 bytes (541.3 MB)
Product Description

Corel Print House produces professional results quickly and easily at work or at home. It includes dozens of ready-to-print samples for everything from greeting cards to business forms, plus an extensive collection of fonts, styles, borders, backdrops, photos, and clipart.

Corel Print House works the way you want it to. You get as much help as you want, and you have as much control as you need. If you are in a hurry, Corel Print House Quickway samples can help you create your project in only a few minutes. If you want to create something completely new, Corel Print House provides all the tools, resources, and assistance necessary.

The simple user interface and extensive wizards in Corel Print House make it remarkably easy to use. You can produce impressive designs by making a few simple choices. For example, to make a greeting card, just choose a sample, select some clipart, and type your text. Corel Print House even helps you print your card and shows you how to fold it properly.

As your experience grows, Corel Print House grows with you. It includes powerful tools that let you create original graphics, manage text, and edit existing clipart and backdrops. And at every step, Corel Print House is ready to help you make the most of your design.
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