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Microsoft TechNet Supplemental Drivers and Patches (1999.11)

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NameMicrosoft TechNet - Supplemental Drivers and Patches - November 1999 (Volume 7, Issue 11)
File NameTNB9911.iso
Size571,428,864 bytes (544.9 MB)
Product Description
10/11/1999   atl2ado.exe     SAMPLE: ATL2ADO.EXE Returns Disconnected ADO Recordset
10/06/1999 jet40sp3.exe Jet40sp3.exe: Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 3
10/06/1999 jet35sp3.exe Microsoft Jet 3.51 Service Pack 3
10/01/1999 dsofile.exe FILE: DSOFILE.EXE Lets You Read Document Properties w/o Office Installed
09/30/1999 acc2date.exe Access 2.0 Two-Digit Date Update Available on MSL
09/30/1999 atl4acc.exe Calling SQL 7 Parameterized Stored Procedures Using ATL OLE DB Consumer Accessors
09/29/1999 stablupd.exe SAMPLE:Stablupd.exe Manipulate String Resources in an Executable
09/27/1999 ideinf.exe SAMPLE Ideinf.exe: Architecture of the .inf File for Windows 9x Dual IDE Controllers
09/27/1999 vcache.exe FILE: VCache.exe - How to Use VCACHE Services
09/27/1999 mbtfaq.exe FILE: MBtFAQ.exe - Windows 95 or Windows 98 Master Boot Record
09/27/1999 miniport.exe FILE: MiniPort.exe - Writing SCSI Miniport Drivers for Win95/98
09/27/1999 hotswap.exe FILE: HotSwap.exe - Hot Swapping IDE or ATAPI CDROM Devices
09/27/1999 dskdrive.exe FILE: DskDrive.exe - Removing/Adding Disk Drives Under Win95/98
09/27/1999 utils.exe FILE: Utils.exe Contains a Description of Win95 DDK Utilities
09/27/1999 storage.exe FILE: Storage.exe Contains Storage Device/Adapter Drivers Refs
09/27/1999 kernel.exe FILE: Kernel.exe Describes the Kernel and VxD for Win95
09/27/1999 comm.exe FILE: Comm.exe Updates Virtual Communications Device Driver Doc
09/27/1999 iosfaq.exe FILE: IOSFAQ.exe - IOS Port Driver Frequently Asked Questions
09/24/1999 nickname.exe Outlook Utility to Remove Corrupted Names in Nickname List Description
09/22/1999 age2lnks.exe Age Of Empires II: Command Line Parameters
09/21/1999 upsize00.exe Access 2000 Upsizing Tools White Paper
09/21/1999 atlasync.exe SAMPLE: ATLAsync.exe: Using MSMQEvent Events with ATL 3.0 For Asynchronous Message Notification
09/15/1999 dm2.exe Year 2000 Wizards for Microsoft Excel 97 and 2000
09/13/1999 fastread.exe SAMPLE: Fastread Demonstrates the Use of the OLE DB Provider for Jet IIdle Interface
09/13/1999 setuplr.exe Setup LogReader for Office 2000
09/09/1999 vfpscut.exe SAMPLE: VFPSCUT.EXE Creates Desktop Shortcut to a VFP Application
09/09/1999 asupdate.exe AutoSave Add-in Upgrade
09/08/1999 async.exe SAMPLE: Async Notification from Kernel Mode
09/08/1999 ro2kindx.exe Running MS Office 2000 Indexes
09/08/1999 datescan.hqx Date Migration Wizard for Microsoft Excel 98 Macintosh Edition
09/08/1999 datewtch.hqx Date Watch Wizard for Microsoft Excel 98 Macintosh Edition
09/08/1999 datefix.hqx Date Fix Wizard for Microsoft Excel 98 Macintosh Edition
09/01/1999 ipatchfp.exe PATCH: Patch_26.exe Fixes Divide by Zero Error on Fast Computers
09/01/1999 ntpacket.exe Updated Windows NT 4.0 NDIS 3.0 Packet Sample Available
08/30/1999 err2343.exe Microsoft Office 2000 Internal Error 2343 Repair Utility
08/30/1999 wceload.exe PATCH: WCELoad.exe Fixes ActiveX Control Hanging Problem on Palm-size PC
08/26/1999 eraser2k.exe Office 2000 File and Registry Eraser Utility
08/25/1999 gentags.exe FILE: Use CDX(),TAG(), and SYS(14) Function to Create an Index Utility
08/25/1999 richedfx.exe PRB: Out of Memory Error Message Using the Rich Textbox Control
08/25/1999 xsclean.exe Excess Formatting Cleaner Add-In
08/24/1999 mdtupdtr.exe ODE: Setup Wizard Template Files Updater
08/23/1999 rorlinks.exe Age Of Empires: Command Line Parameters
08/23/1999 agelinks.exe Age Of Empires: Command Line Parameters
08/18/1999 cleanoc.exe SAMPLE: Programmatically Remove Controls from Downloaded Program Files Folder
08/18/1999 pp2kmus.exe PowerPoint 2000 Custom Soundtrack Add-in
08/13/1999 rasbaud.exe SAMPLE: RasBaud.exe Obtains the Baud Rate of an Existing RAS Connection Programmatically
08/13/1999 wdvfpdsn.exe Patch correct "Cannot Find Installable ISAM" error during mail merge with FoxPro or DBase
08/13/1999 idk99.exe XCLN: Updated Version of the IExpress Deployment Kit Available
08/12/1999 mtssetup.exe FILE: Mtssetup Fixes Transaction Server Core Components Setup Error on Windows 95 and Windows 98
08/10/1999 msicu.exe Windows Installer CleanUp Utility for Windows 95/98
08/10/1999 msicuu.exe Windows Installer CleanUp Utility for Windows NT
07/30/1999 recover.exe Excel File Recovery Macro
07/26/1999 dirlv.exe SAMPLE: DirLV Sample Populates a ListView Control Similar to Explorer
07/23/1999 actvdesk.exe SAMPLE: Actvdesk Demonstrates Usage of IActiveDesktop Interface
07/20/1999 cancel.exe SAMPLE: Cancel.exe Self Queued Cancel and Cleanup Routines
07/16/1999 gc.exe SAMPLE: Clean Up Java Resources Automatically with Gc.exe
07/13/1999 secmgr97.exe Microsoft Access 97 Security Manager Add-In
07/13/1999 smgr2000.exe Microsoft Access 2000 Security Manager Add-In
07/13/1999 conv2000.exe Microsoft Access 2000 Conversion White Paper
07/09/1999 vb6sys.exe FIX: Setup Program Created by PDW Disables Windows 95/98 System
07/07/1999 wrd97cnv.exe Microsoft Word 97-2000 Import Converter
07/02/1999 adoguidz.exe SAMPLE: AdoGUIDz.exe How to Use GUIDs w/ Access,SQL 6.5 & SQL 7
07/01/1999 snpvw90.exe Microsoft Snapshot Viewer Available on MSL
06/29/1999 pageset.exe Sample: PageSet.exe Programmatically Changes Default Printer Orientation
06/28/1999 lnksupd.exe Links: The Challenge of Golf Update
06/28/1999 lcdupd.exe Links 386 CD Update
06/28/1999 tmos104.exe Tex Murphy: Overseer Version 1.04 Update
06/28/1999 lcd95upd.exe Links 386 CD Update for Windows 95
06/24/1999 sndfix.exe Links & Access MS-DOS Games Patch for Sound Problems
06/21/1999 msde_ins.exe SAMPLE: Setup1.exe Fully Automating MSDE Setup with PDW
06/21/1999 solver.exe Solver Add-In
06/21/1999 mnysc7b.exe Money 99 Update
06/21/1999 secfaq.exe ACC: Microsoft Access Security FAQ
06/18/1999 vbmcsd1.exe Desktop Apps for VB MCSD TK Patch
06/18/1999 vssjpn.exe PRB: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Problem
06/18/1999 vssita.exe PRB: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Problem
06/18/1999 vssfra.exe PRB: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Problem
06/18/1999 vssesp.exe PRB: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Problem
06/18/1999 vssenu.exe PRB: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Problem
06/18/1999 vssdeu.exe PRB: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 SP3 Netsetup Installation Problem
06/16/1999 upd135.exe Links LS 98 Version 1.35 Update
06/16/1999 ppview97.exe PowerPoint Viewer 97
06/16/1999 msjtwng.exe Updated Jet DLLs
06/15/1999 update.exe Updating and Deleting Records with FrontPage WhitePaper
06/15/1999 updndate.exe SAMPLE: UpDnDate.exe Implements a DateTime Control with a Spin Button and Callback Fields
06/15/1999 loadpic.exe SAMPLE: How To Load and Display Graphics Files with LOADPIC.EXE
06/15/1999 smartgc.exe SAMPLE: SmartGC Uses an ATL Server to Trigger Java Garbage Collection
06/15/1999 templupd.exe PATCH: Template.exe Missing from Platform SDK
06/10/1999 frmvwr.exe SAMPLE: FrmVwr.exe Extended MAPI Form Viewer
06/09/1999 marshal.exe How To Marshal Interfaces Across Apartments
06/08/1999 mfceqado.exe SAMPLE: Mfceqado.exe Shows How to Use English Query with MFC and ADO
06/04/1999 216641up.exe Update for Problem After 49.7 Days of Continuous Operation
06/04/1999 vtdapi95.exe Updated Vtdapi.vxd File
06/03/1999 upd121.exe Links LS 99 Version 1.21 Update
06/03/1999 reldes00.exe Relational Database Design - Access 2000
06/02/1999 oledborc.exe Using the OLE DB Cursor Engine Service to Provide Updatability for OLE DB Providers
06/02/1999 bb2kgrfx.exe Baseball 2000 Err Msg: Invalid Page Fault in Module Graphics.dll
05/28/1999 o98dtfix.exe Date Fix for Microsoft Outlook 98
05/21/1999 adovc1.exe Sample: ADOVC1 Simple ADO/VC++ Application
05/17/1999 vcspnp.exe SAMPLE: Vcspnp.exe Demonstrates Passing SQL NULL Parameters and Reading NULL Values with ADO
05/13/1999 comaddin.exe SAMPLE: Comaddin.exe Office 2000 COM Add-In Written in Visual C++
05/13/1999 o97dtfix.exe Microsoft Outlook 97 Date Fix
05/11/1999 y2kpp804.hqx Y2KPP804.hqx: PowerPoint 8-4 Translator for Macintosh, version 8.04
05/06/1999 jetvc.exe PATCH: JetVC.exe VC++ Support Files for the Jet OLE DB Provider 4.0
05/05/1999 hook.exe SAMPLE: Hook.exe MAPI Spooler Hook Provider Sample (C++)
05/05/1999 zone_dat.exe MSN Gaming Zone Master.da_ Reset Tool
05/04/1999 mac111.hqx Links LS 1.1.1 Updater for Links LS Macintosh
05/04/1999 metainfo.exe ASP Script to Retrieve Information from an IIS 4.0 Metabase
04/29/1999 olfrmhlp.exe OL97: Microsoft Outlook Forms Help
04/29/1999 vbs32k.exe Microsoft Outlook Visual Basic Script Editor Update
04/29/1999 vbaoutl.exe Visual Basic Help File for Microsoft Outlook
04/29/1999 olbasics.exe Outlook Basics
04/28/1999 sp75y2k.exe Microsoft Schedule + Y2K Update File
04/28/1999 auto97.exe Microsoft(R) Office 97 Automation Help File
04/27/1999 rtfview.exe SAMPLE: RTFView.exe Rich Text Format Stream Viewer
04/23/1999 netwksta.exe Programmatically Log Off Domain from Win95 and Win98
04/23/1999 event.exe SAMPLE: Sharing and Signaling an Event Object
04/22/1999 cn3725ax.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Chinese Simplified, Alpha)
04/22/1999 tw3725ax.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Chinese Taiwanese, Alpha)
04/22/1999 de3725ax.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (German, Alpha)
04/22/1999 ja3725ax.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Japanese, Alpha)
04/22/1999 ko3725ax.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Korean, Alpha)
04/22/1999 br3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Brazilian Portuguese, x86)
04/22/1999 cn3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Chinese Simplified, x86)
04/22/1999 tw3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Chinese Taiwanese, x86)
04/22/1999 fr3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (French, x86)
04/22/1999 de3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (German, x86)
04/22/1999 it3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Italian, x86)
04/22/1999 ja3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Japanese, x86)
04/22/1999 ko3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Korean, x86)
04/22/1999 no3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Norwegian, x86)
04/22/1999 es3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Spanish, x86)
04/22/1999 sv3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (Swedish, x86)
04/22/1999 mfcfont.exe Mfcfont.exe Persists MFC ActiveX Control Stock Font Property
04/22/1999 startio.exe SAMPLE: StartIO.exe Demonstrates Cancel and Cleanup Routines
04/20/1999 patch_26.exe PATCH: Patch_26.exe Fixes Divide by Zero Error on Fast Computers
04/20/1999 scriptng.exe FILE: Scriptng.EXE Provides Files to Add Active Debugging to Hosts and Engines
04/20/1999 iisperms.exe IIS Security "What If" Tool
04/20/1999 oframer.exe Sample: OFramer.exe Automates Excel and Word Inside a VB Form
04/16/1999 crankit.exe Update Patch for Low-Volume in Links and Access MS-DOS Games
04/16/1999 auto.exe Create a Links and Access Games Startup Disk
04/16/1999 mnstreet.exe Mean Streets Update for 386 or Faster Computers
04/16/1999 crimewav.exe Crimewave Update for 386 or Faster Computers
04/16/1999 amazon2.exe Amazon: Cannot Pick Up Raft After You Land Airplane in the Water
04/16/1999 gravuakm.exe Gravis UltraSound MIDI Patch for Under a Killing Moon
04/16/1999 ukm4-195.exe Under a Killing Moon Version 1.95 Update
04/16/1999 ukm4-197.exe Rational DOS Extender Version 1.97 Update for Under a Killing Moon
04/16/1999 lpro121.exe Links 386 Pro Version 1.21 Update
04/16/1999 ccpro.exe Links 386 CD Swing Simulator Interface for Country Club or PC Golf
04/16/1999 euro1013.exe Links LS MS-DOS (1997 Edition) European Version 1.00 to 1.30 Update
04/16/1999 120to130.exe Links LS MS-DOS (1997 Edition) Version 1.20 to 1.30 Update
04/16/1999 110to130.exe Links LS MS-DOS (1997 Edition) Version 1.10 to 1.30 Update
04/16/1999 100to130.exe Links LS MS-DOS (1997 Edition) Version 1.00 to 1.30 Update
04/15/1999 3725ax.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (English, Alpha)
04/14/1999 3725.exe Partial Web Page Display Fix for Internet Explorer 5 (English, x86)
04/12/1999 ml614.exe Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) 6.14 Patch Available
04/12/1999 wzprtl80.exe Microsoft Access 97 Partial Replica Wizard
04/09/1999 wkscapat.exe Works Suite 99: Path Update for Clip Art Gallery Path in Greetings 99
04/07/1999 mcsfigs.exe MS Commerce Solutions: Some Figures Printed Incorrectly
04/05/1999 zone_pw.exe MSN Gaming Zone: Zone_pw.exe Removes Damaged User Name or Password Information
04/05/1999 gw99intr.exe Greetings 99: Animations and Text Frames Replaced by Empty Picture Frames
04/05/1999 hp99intr.exe Home Publishing 99: Animations and Text Frames Replaced by Empty Picture Frames
04/02/1999 progress.exe SAMPLE: Progress Uses IAuthenticate to Bind to Secured Web Page
04/01/1999 ioctl.exe FILE: IOCTL.exe: How to Use Various Types of IOCTL
04/01/1999 odkidk98.exe IExpress Deployment Kit
03/31/1999 mfcdvmd.exe SAMPLE: Changing the Page Orientation to Landscape Without Interacting with the Print Dialog Box in an MFC-Based Application
03/30/1999 bs_qs.bin Mac QuickShelf 98: Long Delay Defining a Word on the Desktop
03/29/1999 webband.exe SAMPLE: WebBand Hosts WebBrowser Control in an Explorer Band
03/26/1999 tlbinf32.exe FILE: Tlbinf32.exe: Help Files for Tlbinf32.dll
03/26/1999 regrgs.exe Regrgs.exe: Adds Entries to the Registry Using RGS File
03/24/1999 phnsrupd.exe MSPS: Voice Command from the Handset Is Not Recognized
03/24/1999 sharedll.exe FILE: ShareDLL.exe File Checks the Size of the SharedDLLs Registry Key
03/19/1999 showtr98.exe Enable the Money 98 Product Tour
03/19/1999 showtr99.exe Enable the Money 99 Product Tour
03/19/1999 notour98.exe Disable the Money 98 Product Tour
03/19/1999 notour99.exe Disable the Money 99 Product Tour
03/19/1999 grphsm97.exe Access 97 Graph Sample Database
03/19/1999 qrysmp97.exe Microsoft Access 97 Sample Queries
03/18/1999 pwssecup.exe File Access Vulnerability in Personal Web Server
03/17/1999 wzmapi80.exe Import and Link Exchange/Outlook Wizards
03/17/1999 pwbconv.exe PRJ98: Updated Project Converter for ABT Project Workbench 4.x
03/15/1999 xl8p5.exe CALL Function patch
03/12/1999 fdbkmrk.exe Find Bookmark Wizard
03/11/1999 smalert.exe SAMPLE: SmAlert.exe Extends PerfMons Alert Mechanism
03/10/1999 b2cse.exe B2C.exe Converts Visual Basic Automation Code to Visual C++
03/10/1999 msocudp.exe SAMPLE: MSocUdp.exe Implement UDP Using CAsyncSocket
03/10/1999 cmdlanch.exe SAMPLE: CmdLanch.exe Launches EXE from Custom Outlook Menu Item
03/04/1999 spvjado.exe SAMPLE: Spvjado Demos Using Stored Procedures from WFC/ADO/Java
03/04/1999 fixqwb.exe Money Err Msg: The File You Attempted to Import Appears to Be...
03/04/1999 cfs288.exe Money: How to Change to High Speed CheckFree Dialup Number
03/04/1999 atldbfix.exe BUG: ATL OLE DB Provider Fails When Called from SQL 7.0 Query
03/03/1999 pp7fix.exe PowerPoint 7.0 Template Replacer
03/01/1999 q220816.exe FILE: Application Wizard License Not Found
03/01/1999 r1phdmod.exe SAMPLE: R1phdmod.exe Finds Memory Leaks & Monitors Objects
03/01/1999 sqlconv.exe Converting Databases to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
03/01/1999 swsplit.exe Sample: Uses MFC to Demonstrate Switching Between Different Views in an SDI Application
02/26/1999 70mail.exe How to Use SQL Mail in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server
02/25/1999 mmsys296.exe Black Screen or "Mmsystem296" Err Msg When Playing Video Clip
02/23/1999 65remote.exe How to Remotely Install SQL Server version 6.5
02/12/1999 lmsdk.exe Programmatically Log Off Domain from Win95 and Win98
02/05/1999 smartapp.exe SAMPLE: SmartApp.exe Accesses SMART Stats in IDE Drives
02/01/1999 samscrpt.exe SAMPLE: SamScrpt.exe Demos Active Debugging in C++ ActiveX Script Engine
01/28/1999 lmjarupd.exe Liquid Motion Accelerator File
01/28/1999 proxyftp.exe SAMPLE: Using InternetOpenUrl WinInet API
01/25/1999 wraptbar.exe Sample: WrapTBar.exe Wraps Toolbar During CFrameWnd Resizing
01/22/1999 pipewiz.exe Patch: ATL Commerce Pipeline Component Wizard Broken in VC 6
01/21/1999 sndarray.exe SAMPLE: SndArray.exe Sends/Receives Variant Arrays from/to MSMQ
01/21/1999 setlang.hqx Set Language Add-In for Microsoft Excel 98 Macintosh Edition
01/20/1999 vi6edw1.exe VI 6 Enterprise Developer's Workshop Patch 1
01/19/1999 vbftp.exe FILE: VBFTP.EXE: Implementing FTP Using WinInet API from VB
01/07/1999 ctxmenu.exe SAMPLE : Displaying Context Menu Given the Path to a File
01/07/1999 suggest.exe SAMPLE: SUGGEST.EXE is Microsoft Exchange Server Custom Agent
01/07/1999 docmgrex.exe SAMPLE: DocMgrEx.exe Associating Multiple File Extensions w/ Single Doc Type
01/04/1999 sp2_55.txt Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 SP2 Readme File
01/04/1999 vbinet.exe FILE: Vbinet.exe WinInet API Declarations for Visual Basic
01/04/1999 99pbplan.exe 99pbplan.exe
01/04/1999 99fsplan.exe 99fsplan.exe
12/31/1998 odbcfix.hqx Fix for INTERSOLV ODBC Driver Licensing Error Message
12/30/1998 rdoblobs.exe SAMPLE: RDOblobs.exe RDO and BLOB/TEXT Data w/ SQL SP
12/29/1998 adoctl.exe SAMPLE: ADOCtl.Exe Demonstrates Active Documents, RDS and ADO
12/29/1998 memotool.exe FILE: Memotool.exe Saves User Defined Toolbar Positions
12/21/1998 vcombobx.exe SAMPLE:VCOMBOBX a Virtual Combo Box
12/21/1998 amdk6upd.exe Update for Windows 95 OSR2 and High-Speed AMD K6-2/350 CPU
12/16/1998 cdcache.exe CDCACHE.EXE: CDCache Utility for Internet Explorer 4.x (x86)
12/16/1998 cdcachea.exe CDCACHE.EXE: CDCache Utility for Internet Explorer 4.x (alpha)
12/16/1998 oledbpp.exe FILE: Oledbpp.exe Demonstrates IDBProperties::GetPropertyInfo()
12/15/1998 editgrid.exe SAMPLE: EditGrid.exe: Edit Cells in MSFlexGrid ActiveX Control
12/15/1998 mqjava1.exe SAMPLE: MQJava1.exe Demonstrates Using MSMQ with Java
12/15/1998 sp7y2k.exe Correction for Two-Digit Date Parsing (Schedule+ Version 7.0)
12/15/1998 sp7ay2k.exe Correction for Two-Digit Date Parsing (Schedule+ Version 7.0a)
12/10/1998 dotcrash.zip DOTCRASH.ZIP
12/09/1998 nwnp32.exe Windows 98 Update for MSNDS and Client for NetWare Networks
12/09/1998 wthelp.exe BUG: WhatsThisHelpID on Toolbar Does Not Function as Expected
12/07/1998 mdm_sel.exe Money 99 Modem Selection Update (US version only)
12/07/1998 afxpool.exe FILE: Creating a Thread Pool for MFC-Based ISAPI Extensions
12/01/1998 hpgl32.exe Filter for Importing HPGL Graphics
11/30/1998 sfmwshat.exe FILE: Sfmwshat.exe Winsock Interface to the AppleTalk Protocol
11/30/1998 printmon.exe SAMPLE: PrintMon.exe Demonstrates the Win32 Spooler API
11/30/1998 vb3run.exe FILE: VB3Run.exe Run-Time .dll for Visual Basic 3.0 Apps
11/30/1998 vb4run.exe FILE: Vb4Run.exe Run-Time .dlls for Visual Basic 4.0 Apps
11/25/1998 objsrv.exe FILE: Objsrv.exe Contains Fix for "Object Server Not.." Err
11/24/1998 ado2vj6.exe SAMPLE: ADO2VJ6 Demonstrate Using the ADO 2.0 dll Directly
11/23/1998 adsiprnt.exe SAMPLE: ADSIPrnt.exe Demonstrates ADSI Print Job Control
11/18/1998 aspsess.exe SAMPLE: ASPSess.exe Passes CDO Session to Separate ASP Page
11/13/1998 amupgrde.exe Call Manager Software Update for Recorded Messages Stored in Temp Folder
11/12/1998 fsosamp.exe SAMPLE: FSOSamp.exe Application Uses the FileSystem Object
11/10/1998 opnmlitn.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Italian)
11/10/1998 opnmltch.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Traditional Chinese)
11/10/1998 opnmlswe.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Swedish)
11/10/1998 opnmlspa.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Spanish)
11/10/1998 opnmlptb.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Portuguese [Brazil])
11/10/1998 opnmlnor.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Norwegian)
11/10/1998 opnmlkor.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Korean)
11/10/1998 opnmljpn.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Japanese)
11/10/1998 opnmlheb.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Hebrew)
11/10/1998 opnmlger.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (German)
11/10/1998 opnmlfrn.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (French)
11/10/1998 opnmleng.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (English)
11/10/1998 opnmldan.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Danish)
11/10/1998 opnmlchs.exe Single Digit Year Fix for Workgroup Messages (Simplified Chinese)
11/10/1998 licreqst.exe SAMPLE: LICREQST.EXE Requesting a License Key from an Object
11/09/1998 webwg.exe Updated Mspjhttp.exe File for Microsoft Project 98
11/06/1998 sqlhdtst.exe SQL Server File System Stress Utility
11/05/1998 vb6sbs1.exe Visual Basic 6 Step by Step patch
11/04/1998 vbsmpftp.exe SAMPLE: Using FTP WinInet APIs in Visual Basic with SimpleFtp
11/03/1998 exitfox.exe SAMPLE: ExitFox.exe Overcomes "Cannot Quit Visual FoxPro" Error
11/03/1998 vbrun60.exe FILE: VBRUN60.EXE Installs Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Files
11/02/1998 adcontac.exe SAMPLE: AdContac.exe Adds Sender of Incoming Message to Contacts
11/02/1998 inreg98.exe Inside the Win98 Registry patch
10/29/1998 mfccdc.exe SAMPLE: Mfccde Demonstrates Viewport and Mapmode Use in MFC
10/28/1998 section.exe SAMPLE: Section.exe Demonstrates Sharing Memory Between Kernel
10/28/1998 atlosp.exe SAMPLE: AtlOSP.exe Visual C++ OLE DB Simple Provider Sample
10/27/1998 nt4kyofs.exe WINNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Kyocera Series
10/27/1998 merge.exe Need Help Using the Mail Merge Feature in Word 97?
10/26/1998 ado2vc6.exe SAMPLE: ADO2VJ6 Demonstrate Using the ADO 2.0 dll Directly
10/26/1998 vbusc.exe FILE: VBUSC.EXE Provides Licensing for Discontinued Controls
10/22/1998 phd.exe SAMPLE: Using the PHD Class to Isolate Memory Leaks
10/20/1998 clsidvw.exe FILE: OLE/Createable Objects Registry Diagnostic
10/20/1998 multimon.exe SAMPLE: MULTIMON.EXE Uses Multiple Monitors in Visual Basic
10/19/1998 atlevnt.exe SAMPLE: AtlEvnt.exe Creates ATL Sinks Using IDispEventImpl
10/19/1998 procdb.hqx Fix for "Cannot Add Chart to Shared Workbook" in Analysis ToolPak
10/19/1998 atpfix.hqx Analysis ToolPak Add-In for Microsoft Excel 98 Macintosh Edition
10/16/1998 sp4128.txt Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 Readme.txt File (128-bit)
10/14/1998 fireev.exe FIREEV.EXE Fires Events from a Second Thread
10/14/1998 ddptext.exe FILE: DDP_Text Not implemented for COleDateTime and COleCurrency
10/14/1998 urlobj.exe How To Call GoGetClassObjectFromURL() in an MFC App
10/14/1998 asyndown.exe ASYNCDOWN Demonstrates Asynchronous Data Download
10/13/1998 ofnking.exe FILE: OfnKing Demonstrates CFileDialog Customization
10/12/1998 vb6cli.exe FILE: VB6CLI.EXE Fixes License Problems with Visual Basic 6.0
10/12/1998 iefavmnu.exe SAMPLE: IEFavMnu.exe Creates an Internet Explorer 4.0 Favorite
10/12/1998 wbsampl.exe FILE: Invoke Find, View Source, Options dialogs for WebBrowser
10/09/1998 cloneme.exe Microsoft PowerPoint Cloning Add-in
10/08/1998 bsckit60.exe FILE: Browser Toolkits for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
10/06/1998 wfcado.exe SAMPLE: WFCADO Demonstrates Using WFC ADO with Visual J++ 6.0
10/05/1998 fp98sbs.exe FrontPage 98 SBS Lesson 3
10/03/1998 macwks14.bin Update for Converting Works for Macintosh 1.0 Files to Works for Macintosh 4.0 Files
10/03/1998 macwks3.bin Mac Works 3.0a: Revised Installation for IDE Drives
10/02/1998 sr1.htm Microsoft Office Service Release 2
10/01/1998 addtopab.exe SAMPLE: AddToPAB.exe Add Sender of Incoming Message to the PAB
09/30/1998 xslatezp.exe FILE: Xslatezp.exe Data Translation using JET as a Medium
09/29/1998 mdaccon.exe FILE:MDACCON.EXE Using Connection Strings w/ ODBC/OLEDB/ADO/RDS
09/24/1998 echoc.exe SAMPLE: Echoc.exe - Simple Overlapped Socket Client Sample
09/23/1998 adsibrow.exe SAMPLE: ADSIBrow.exe Browses Active Directory w/ Visual FoxPro
09/22/1998 enumsrv.exe FILE: EnumSrv.exe Finds Services in STATUS_START_PENDING State
09/22/1998 fix2lbar.exe Sample: Fix2lBar.exe Fixes Spacing Errors in MFC's CToolBar
09/22/1998 modlist.exe FILE: MODLIST.EXE Shows How to Enumerate Processes and Modules
09/21/1998 msmouse.exe MS-DOS Mouse Driver
09/21/1998 wbcustom.exe SAMPLE: WBCustomizer.dll Implements IDocHostUIHandler for VB
09/16/1998 mny_intg.exe Money Integrion Partner Institution Phone Number Modification File
09/16/1998 rs2dbf.exe SAMPLE: Rs2dbf.exe Converting ADO 2.x Recordset to VFP Cursor
09/14/1998 passthru.exe SAMPLE: Passthru.exe - Sample SCSI Passthrough VSD
09/11/1998 adsfshar.exe SAMPLE: ADSfshare.exe Demonstrates Manipulating ADS File Shares
09/10/1998 mnyupd7a.exe Money 99 Update
09/08/1998 mtafltr.hqx Updated Metafile Import Filter for Word 98 Macintosh Edition
09/05/1998 jetoledb.exe FILE: JetOleDb.exe Installs MsJetOleDb.h (Missing in VStudio6.0)
09/01/1998 msoutl.exe Schedule+ converter to read an Outlook Calendar
08/28/1998 worksy2k.exe Year 2000 Patch Available for Works for Windows
08/27/1998 resfile.exe SAMPLE: RESFILE.EXE Stores Any File Type in a Resource File
08/26/1998 irpq.exe SAMPLE: IRPQ.exe Shows How to Manage IRP Queuing WinNT Driver
08/26/1998 vcenum.exe SAMPLE: VCEnum.exe Demonstrates Walking Device Nodes List
08/26/1998 acthelp.exe Acthelp.exe Update for Parent's Room Help Is Incorrect
08/24/1998 dmachcka.exe DMACHECK.EXE for Windows NT is Now Available for Download
08/24/1998 dmachcki.exe DMACHECK.EXE for Windows NT is Now Available for Download
08/21/1998 instalar.exe Category Patch for Brazilian Version of Money 98
08/21/1998 vfp6int.exe Visual FoxPro 6.0 ODBC Driver FoxPro.int Resource File
08/21/1998 stg.exe SAMPLE: STG: MFC Docfile Viewer
08/20/1998 smemfilt.exe SAMPLE: Sharing Data Between ISAPI Filters & ISAPI Extensions
08/20/1998 smemext.exe SAMPLE: Sharing Data Between ISAPI Filters & ISAPI Extensions
08/18/1998 nt4lexo2.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Publisher Series
08/18/1998 swgame30.exe SideWinder Game Controllers Software Version 3.02
08/17/1998 dbf2rs.exe SAMPLE: Dbf2rs.exe Converts a VFP Cursor to ADO 2.x Recordset
08/17/1998 dun40.exe Windows 98 Dial-Up Networking Security Upgrade Available
08/17/1998 msdun13.exe Dial-Up Networking 1.3 Upgrade
08/17/1998 cst_wg3x.exe Customizing Windows for Workgroups 3.1x for Individuals with Disabilities
08/17/1998 cst_w95.exe Customizing Windows 95 for Individuals with Disabilities
08/17/1998 cst_nt4.exe Customizing Windows NT 4.0 for Individuals with Disabilities
08/17/1998 cst_w30.exe Customizing Windows 3.0 for Individuals with Disabilities
08/17/1998 cst_w3x.exe Customizing Windows 3.1x for Individuals with Disabilities
08/17/1998 cst_nt3x.exe Customizing Windows NT 3.x for Individuals with Disabilities
08/12/1998 notesdem.exe SAMPLE: NotesDem.exe Reads and Writes the Contacts NOTES Field
08/12/1998 vbcecomm.exe SAMPLE: VBCEComm.exe Uses the MSCEComm Control in Emulation
08/11/1998 taxmortg.exe Updating Tax and Mortgage Rates from the Internet
08/10/1998 aclicn97.exe AcLicn97
08/10/1998 adoevts.exe FILE: Capturing ADO Events with Visual C++
08/07/1998 sqloledb.exe FILE: SqlOleDb.h Not Installed by VC++ 6.0
08/07/1998 eraser97.exe Version 2.0 of Office 97 File and Registry Eraser Utility for Microsoft(R) Office 97
08/06/1998 vfp6rt.exe FILE: Vfp6rt.exe Distributing Run-Time Files w/ Active Document
08/05/1998 ppt98vw.hqx Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 98
08/05/1998 filedrag.exe SAMPLE: FileDrag.exe Supports File Drag Server Capabilities
08/05/1998 analyze6.exe SAMPLE: Analyze6.Exe Utility for Visual SourceSafe
08/04/1998 llstream.exe SAMPLE: LLStream.exe Plays Streaming Audio Files
08/03/1998 aotblob.exe SAMPLE: AOTBLOB Read/Writes BLOB Using OLE DB Consumer Template
07/30/1998 mfcasync.exe Message-Oriented TCP and Multithreaded Client/Server
07/29/1998 html.hqx Microsoft(R) Internet Assistant Wizard Add-In for Microsoft Excel 5.0
07/28/1998 swffupd.exe Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro Performance Patch
07/27/1998 olrns.exe Microsoft Outlook 98 in run-from-server environments
07/26/1998 adbdmod.exe SAMPLE: Adbdmod.exe Demonstrates Using ADO 2.0 VC++ Binding
07/24/1998 fstqfe2b.exe FILE: MIFST UserKey QFE 101-2
07/24/1998 fstqfe2a.exe FILE: MIFST Crash Recovery QFE 101-2
07/23/1998 srvrs.exe SAMPLE: SRVRS.exe Uses VC++ to Get & Manipulate RDS Recordset
07/23/1998 fstqfe1.exe FILE: MIFST Web Client Development Kit QFE 101-1
07/22/1998 webapp.exe SAMPLE: WebApp.exe Enables User to Move WebBrowser Ctrl
07/22/1998 b64_samp.exe SAMPLE: Sample Base 64 Encoding and Decoding
07/21/1998 creaters.exe SAMPLE: CreateRS.exe Uses the CreateRecordset Function in VC++
07/21/1998 mmcdra~1.exe SAMPLE: MMCDragDrop.exe Using Drag & Drop White Paper on MSL
07/21/1998 olg.exe Online Users Guide
07/17/1998 secur98.exe Microsoft Outlook Security White paper
07/16/1998 wnetcom.exe SAMPLE: Using a COM Object to Access WNet Functions from VBasic
07/15/1998 mw0551.hqx Word for Macintosh 5.0: Grammar/Spelling Module Update Appnote
07/15/1998 mibtable.exe SAMPLE: MibTable.exe Enumerates an SNMP MIB Table
07/15/1998 gc0174.hqx MacWord 4.x and Earlier: Converting Between WordPerfect and Word for Macintosh
07/15/1998 wd97vba.exe SAMPLE: Wd97vba.exe Contains Header File w/ Word VBA Constants
07/14/1998 namefix.exe Patch to Correct Publisher 97 CD-ROM Friendly Name/Version Number
07/13/1998 viupdate.exe FILE: New Devisws.pkg for 0-Bytle File Save Problem
07/13/1998 uploadex.exe SAMPLE: Uploading a File to IIS Using a Browser
07/13/1998 dellinks.exe Delete Links Wizard Available on MSL
07/10/1998 rtffix1.exe FILE: RtfFix.exe Corrects Line Numbering in HLP Files
07/08/1998 webwon1.exe How The Web Was Won Pgs 175-179
07/07/1998 ol98qfe2.exe Utility to Prevent Creation of Outlook Express Icon
07/06/1998 ppt97sbs.exe PowerPoint 97 Step by Step Reporting Progress Template
07/03/1998 scriptex.exe SAMPLE: ScriptEx.exe Uses the ScriptControl with Visual Basicv
07/01/1998 y2ktrans.hqx PowerPoint Translator 8-4 Version 8.0.2
06/30/1998 mousedrv.htm How to Obtain the Lastest IntelliPoint Software Update
06/26/1998 vfpcom.exe SAMPLE: Vfpcom.exe Using COM Language Enhancements in VFP 6.0
06/26/1998 ppty2kus.exe PowerPoint 95/97 Year 2000 Fix
06/25/1998 runoff97.exe Running Office 97 Sample Files
06/25/1998 setupfix.exe SetupFix for Microsoft Office 97
06/23/1998 vb5sp3ds.exe FILE: VB5SP3DS.EXE Contains Visual Basic SP3 Debugging Symbols
06/23/1998 win98.txt How to Obtain Windows 98 Updates and Utilities
06/23/1998 batch98.exe "Deploying Windows 98 Using Batch 98 and Infinst.exe" White Paper
06/23/1998 vb6wlc~1.exe SAMPLE: VB6WLCTL.EXE Windowless Controls Demonstration
06/22/1998 projtrn4.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 Training Materials: Modules 8-9
06/22/1998 projtrn3.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 Training Materials: Modules 5-7
06/22/1998 projtrn2.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 Training Materials: Module 4
06/22/1998 projtrn1.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 Training Materials: Modules 1-3
06/19/1998 profinst.exe Profinst.exe
06/17/1998 ne568-9.exe Net Essentials 2nd. Ed. replacement pages
06/17/1998 convert.exe Converter for Microsoft Project for MS-DOS (R)
06/17/1998 projhtml.exe Microsoft Project HTML Converter
06/15/1998 adochunk.exe FILE: AdoChunk.exe Using GetChunk and AppendChunk in Visual C++
06/15/1998 ole_samp.exe SAMPLE: Ole_samp.exe to Microsoft Excel, Word, & PowerPoint
06/12/1998 supertip.exe SuperTip Demonstrates Tool Tips in an MFC Application
06/12/1998 arraycom.exe BETA-SAMPLE: ArrayCom.exe Passing Array To COM DLL by Reference
06/12/1998 pvbcore.exe FILE: Pvbcore.exe Contains Updated Pvbcore.dll
06/10/1998 cnpool.exe CnPool.exe Test Connection Pooling with Tempdb Objects
06/10/1998 cvtres1.exe FILE: Visual Studio 97 SP3 Installs Incorrect Cvtres.exe
06/09/1998 persist.exe SAMPLE: Persist.exe Persists Class Objects with VB6
06/09/1998 outstore.exe Outstore.dll Update for Synchronizing E-Mail with Shortcut Deletes Original Desktop File
06/09/1998 smsdb.exe Systems Management Server Database Maintenance Technical Paper
06/08/1998 fp98nsin.exe Netscape Communicator Integration Add-in for FrontPage
06/04/1998 pingctrl.exe SAMPLE: PingCtrl.exe Uses Winsock2 Features from Visual Basic
06/04/1998 wcat.exe WCAT
06/03/1998 physmem.exe SAMPLE: PhysMem.exe Gets Total Physical Memory Size
06/01/1998 splash.exe SAMPLE: 256 Color (Or More) Splash Screens For Applications
06/01/1998 icnvt.exe SAMPLE: ICnvt.exe OLEDB/IDataConvert Reads Oracle and MS DBs
06/01/1998 ptk_alp.exe SQL Server 6.5 Programmer's Toolkit (Alpha)
06/01/1998 ptk_i386.exe SQL Server 6.5 Programmer's Toolkit (Intel)
06/01/1998 ie4sp1.txt Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 1 Available
05/29/1998 intrfc.exe SAMPLE: Intrfc.exe Programmatically Retrieves IP Interface Info.
05/28/1998 cc2-20b.bin Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far Update Patch 2.0b for the Macintosh
05/28/1998 fixlogin.exe SQL Server 6.5 Resource Kit Sp_fixlogins Tool
05/27/1998 dibsectn.exe SAMPLE: DibSectn.exe Uses DIBSections in Win32
05/26/1998 enmeta.exe SAMPLE: How to Create & Play Enhanced Metafiles in Win32
05/24/1998 bankmail.exe PATCH: MIFST Sample BankMailSyncRS Not Accepted By MS Money
05/24/1998 fiproc.exe SAMPLE: FI Processing Component for MIFST
05/21/1998 ado2atl.exe SAMPLE: Ado2atl.exe Returns ADO Interfaces from COM
05/21/1998 odkpatch.exe Microsoft Outlook Deployment Kit Patch
05/21/1998 bldol981.exe Building Apps w/ MS Outlook 98 Patch
05/21/1998 hier3.exe FILE: Creating Certificate Hierarchies
05/20/1998 atlsink.exe AtlSink Uses ATL to Create a Dispinterface Sink
05/20/1998 ident.exe SAMPLE: Ident.exe Retrieves @@IDENTITY From ODBC Inserts
05/19/1998 pmtshoot.exe Power Management Trouble Shooter tool
05/19/1998 mfcsocs.exe SAMPLE: MFCSocs.exe Avoids Two Common MFC Socket Mistakes
05/19/1998 prj98vbe.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 Visual Basic(R) Environment Training Materials
05/18/1998 pub98kb.exe Publisher 98 Knowledge Base Help File
05/18/1998 pub97kb.exe Publisher 97 Knowledge Base Help File
05/18/1998 pub95kb.exe Publisher 95 Knowledge Base Help File
05/18/1998 pub20kb.exe Publisher 2.0 Knowledge Base Help File
05/15/1998 ipinst.exe SAMPLE: IPInst.exe Determines Whether TCP/IP Is Installed
05/14/1998 defbutn.exe SAMPLE: Enable Default Processing in a Subclassed Button Control
05/13/1998 omsgclas.exe OL97: Word 97 Document to Change Outlook Folder Message Class
05/12/1998 vadevdbg.exe PATCH: VADEVDBG.PKG Single Stepping Crashes With Register Window
05/11/1998 olcalndr.exe Create Microsoft Outlook monthly calendars
05/08/1998 vfphtml.exe Vfphtml.exe Demonstrates HTML Help in Visual FoxPro 3.0 and 5.0
05/07/1998 wavemix.exe Updated Wavemix.ini File For Return of Arcade
05/07/1998 cart101.exe CART Precision Racing Improvement Patch
05/07/1998 cc2-20b.exe Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far Patch 2.0b for Windows
05/06/1998 ia95.exe Access 95 Internet Assistant
05/06/1998 axsh.exe AXSH.EXE Demonstrates Implementing ActiveX Script Hosts
05/04/1998 wpwreg.exe wpwreg.exe
05/04/1998 pcidma.exe SAMPLE: PCIDMA.exe PCI Busmaster DMA Driver
05/04/1998 mfcwkthr.exe HOWTO: Implement Worker Threads Using MFC ISAPI Extension
05/01/1998 crtvdird.exe SAMPLE: Create and Delete Virtual Directories in IIS 4.0
05/01/1998 adoacc.exe Access ADO Demo
04/29/1998 setpal.exe SAMPLE: SetPal.exe Uses mciSendString() to Change .AVI Palette
04/29/1998 isctoll.exe How to Access Intuit Service Center from Canada
04/29/1998 sqlunpub.exe Remove Replication Stored Procedure
04/28/1998 msscpctl.exe FILE: MSSCPCTL.EXE Script Control Header File MSSCPCTL.H
04/28/1998 adojava1.exe FILE: Adojava1.exe ADO & JAVA Using UpdateBatch and CancelBatch
04/28/1998 adovcsp.exe FILE: Adovcsp.exe Demonstrates Using Stored Procedures with ADO
04/28/1998 11p32upd.exe Updated Pointer Files Available (Point32.exe, Point32.dll)
04/28/1998 21p32upd.exe IntelliPoint Software 2.1: Point32 Update Available
04/24/1998 pp95conf.exe Updated Presentation Conference DLL (Presconf.dll) File
04/24/1998 idxadovc.exe FILE: Idxadovc.exe Index Server, OLE DB & ADO in Visual C++
04/21/1998 shuihlpr.exe BUG: ShellUIHelper Not Registered Without IE4 Desktop Update
04/20/1998 formexit.exe SAMPLE: Formexit.exe EXIT Command May Leave Form Object Visible
04/16/1998 sfolder.exe SAMPLE: Sfolder.exe Gets the Path of a Special Folder
04/15/1998 nt4x610.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Publisher Series
04/15/1998 nt4x3006.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Publisher Series
04/15/1998 actgift.exe Update for Printing Gifts from the Parent's Room Gifts Area
04/15/1998 actblank.exe Update for Blank Screen or No Display on Right Side in Parent's Room
04/14/1998 audiolvl.exe SAMPLE: AUDIOLVL.EXE-Monitor Input and Output Audio Levels
04/13/1998 html.exe Microsoft(R) Internet Assistant Wizard Add-In for Microsoft Excel 5.0 or 7.0
04/10/1998 wordia.exe Microsoft Internet Assistant 1.0z for Microsoft Word
04/10/1998 macia20z.hqx Microsoft(R) Internet Assistant for Word for the Macintosh(R)
04/09/1998 srchrpc.exe Search and Replace Macro
04/09/1998 alxport.exe SAMPLE: Using HTML Layout Content in Internet Explorer 3.02, 4.0
04/08/1998 replcd97.exe Replication Sample Code Database
04/07/1998 ntetkfix.exe Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Training Patch
04/07/1998 hardvb2a.exe Hardcore Visual Basic 2nd Ed. Patch
04/07/1998 ie4tkfix.exe IE 4 Training Kit Fixes
04/07/1998 pptia95.exe Internet Assistant for PowerPoint 7.0
03/30/1998 ssadovb.exe SAMPLE: Ssadovb.exe Demonstrates Using OLEDB & ADO in VB
03/30/1998 etk50pid.exe PATCH: ETK50PID.EXE Incorrect Product ID Displayed in About Box
03/26/1998 olodkupd.exe OL98: Patch for Outlook Deployment Kit on April Select CD
03/25/1998 macsw3d.bin Macintosh SideWinder 3D Pro Files Available For Download
03/25/1998 header.exe FILE: Header File for Microsoft Outlook 97
03/24/1998 off97sr1.exe How to Obtain Microsoft(R) Office 97 Service Release 1 (SR-1)
03/23/1998 sh3.exe SPACK: Mips.exe and Sh3.exe Windows CE Network Client
03/23/1998 mips.exe SPACK: Mips.exe and Sh3.exe Windows CE Network Client
03/23/1998 rplfaq97.exe Microsoft Access Replication FAQ
03/19/1998 tahoma32.exe Self-Installing Microsoft(R) Tahoma Font with Euro Symbol
03/18/1998 newdao.exe Modified Dao350.dll File for Microsoft(R) Excel 97
03/18/1998 regclean.exe RegClean 4.1a build 7364.1
03/17/1998 cecalfix.exe Windows CE/Outlook Sync problems solved
03/17/1998 rdsvb.exe FILE: Rdsvb.exe Demonstrates How to Use RDS with Visual Basic
03/16/1998 mmmctrl.exe SAMPLE: Mmmctrl.exe Demonstrates Using Multiple Sound Cards
03/16/1998 rtwizaxp.exe FILE: Rtwizx86.exe and Rtwizaxp.exe Create New Resource Types
03/16/1998 rtwizx86.exe FILE: Rtwizx86.exe and Rtwizaxp.exe Create New Resource Types
03/13/1998 wp1158.exe MS Project 4.0: Updated Timesheet Program Timetrak.exe
03/13/1998 checklcl.exe SAMPLE: CheckLCL.exe Finds Corresponding Local Path for UNC Name
03/13/1998 mspfctlx.exe Fix for Errors Running Money with Third-Party Programs
03/12/1998 off97pol.exe Microsoft(R) Office 97 White Paper: Controlling Where Office Stores Documents and Templates on a Network
03/11/1998 fixres.exe PRB: Large Resources Cause Resource Corruption on Windows 95
03/10/1998 adovcbm.exe FILE: Adovcbm.exe ADO 1.5 with #import and Getrows/Bookmarks
03/09/1998 dumppci.exe SAMPLE: How To Dynamically Load or Unload a Driver
03/06/1998 osr21dbg.exe SAMPLE: OSR21dbg.exe Debugs binaries for USB Supplement to OSR2
03/06/1998 getaddr.exe SAMPLE: GetAddr.exe Demonstrates IOCTL_SCSI_GET_ADDRESS
03/05/1998 playwave.exe FILE: Playwave.exe Demonstrates How To Play a Sound File
03/04/1998 adovj.exe FILE: Adovj.exe Demonstrates How to Use ADO with Visual J++
03/04/1998 nt4c2460.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library CANON Series
03/04/1998 spoutput.exe Retrieving Output Parameters From Stored Procedure
03/02/1998 prntimg.exe Macro for Printing Converted Notes Pages
02/27/1998 nt4msppd.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Publisher Series
02/27/1998 nt4ibm24.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library IBM Series
02/27/1998 mqasp.exe FILE: Mqasp.exe MSMQ Basic Queue Operations Using IIS/ASP
02/27/1998 vbc.exe FILE: Vbc.exe Fixes VB 5.0 Control Installation Problem
02/26/1998 htmlhak1.exe HTML Help Authoring Kit Errata Files
02/25/1998 prpfont.exe SAMPLE: PRPFONT--How to Set CPropertySheet Fonts
02/25/1998 midismpl.exe SAMPLE: MIDISmpl.exe Demonstrates How To Control MIDI Devices
02/25/1998 nt4d640.exe WinNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Hewlett-Packard series
02/25/1998 nt4hpoj.exe WinNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Hewlett-Packard series
02/25/1998 nt4canbj.exe winNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Canon series
02/23/1998 draw98.exe Microsoft Draw 98
02/20/1998 iehelper.exe FILE: IEHelper-Attaching to IE4 using a Browser Helper Object
02/19/1998 cdplyr.exe FILE: Cdplyr.exe Demonstrates Using the mciSendString Function
02/19/1998 daoddx.exe How to Populate a List or Combo Box with Recordset Data
02/18/1998 intrpl97.exe Internet Replication White Paper
02/18/1998 joystick.exe SAMPLE: Joystick.exe Calls the Joystick API Functions
02/17/1998 checkcnt.exe Fix for Incorrect Number of Checks to Be Printed
02/17/1998 noclick.exe FILE: NoClick.exe Illustrates Click Method Of StatusBar OCX
02/17/1998 portio.exe SAMPLE: PortIO.exe Demonstrates How to Reserve Ports
02/16/1998 prj98fld.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 Fields and Definitions White Paper
02/16/1998 nereadme.exe Networking Essentials, 2nd Ed. Readme.txt
02/16/1998 regview.exe SAMPLE: Shell Namespace Extension Example
02/13/1998 mscsfix.exe Fix for Error "Server.CreateObject Fails..." After Installing IIS 4.0
02/11/1998 itupd.exe Update for IntelliType Software Version 1.1 for Windows NT 4.0
02/11/1998 profdel.exe Profdel.exe Prevents the Game Device Profiler from Loading
02/11/1998 sndbarny.exe Prevent Microsoft Actimates Software Titles from Prompting You to Update Your Existing Sound Card Drivers
02/11/1998 toyupd.exe Fix For Error Message "This toy is not authorized by Cyclops Software."
02/10/1998 regmaid.exe FILE: RegMaid.exe Helps Clean Up the Registry
02/10/1998 sssccsp2.exe BUG: "The Database is Unavailable..." When Opening Project
02/09/1998 adovcbtd.exe FILE: Adovcbtd.exe #import Using UpdateBatch and CancelBatch
02/06/1998 swndr20.exe Microsoft SideWinder Game Devices Software Version 2.0
02/04/1998 adomts.exe FILE: Adomts.exe Shows Using ADO w/ an MTS component via DCOM
02/02/1998 aspwiz.exe Active Server Page Sample Web
01/29/1998 ppview16.exe Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer for 16-Bit Operating Systems (Windows 3.1)
01/28/1998 a97sbslt.exe A97SBSLT.EXE: Credit Letter.doc for "Microsoft Access 97 Step by Step"
01/27/1998 sbfmqb5.exe Microsoft(R) Small Business Financial Manager 97 QuickBooks 5.0 Filter for Microsoft Excel 97
01/27/1998 dbl622.exe Dblspace.bin File from MS-DOS 6.22
01/26/1998 headline.exe Fix for Internet Headlines Disappearing
01/23/1998 avirsce.exe FILE: AVIRSCE.EXE Plays an AVI Stored in a Resource .dll File
01/23/1998 slavedma.exe FILE: How to Use Slave DMA
01/23/1998 busmast.exe FILE: Handles DMA on Bus Master Device Using WinNT
01/22/1998 enc98lur.exe Encarta 1998 Encyclopedia Lookup Functionality
01/21/1998 draw97.exe Microsoft Draw 97
01/21/1998 vipup11.exe Updated TCP/IP Stack for Windows 95
01/15/1998 mdbr1.exe Multi-Disk Backup Utility
01/15/1998 offpro97.exe Offpro97.inf File for International English Microsoft(R) Office 97
01/14/1998 ne2labs.exe Networking Essentials, 2nd Ed. Lab Errata
01/07/1998 consolid.exe Workbook Consolidation Wizard for Microsoft(R) Excel 97
01/07/1998 mdacsql.exe ODBC Client Error After Connecting Using MDAC SQL Server Driver
01/05/1998 volume.exe FILE: VOLUME.EXE: Set Volum Control Levels Using Visual Basic
01/03/1998 vbobjvw.exe FILE: Automating IE from Within a Contained VB ActiveX Control
12/31/1997 idxadovb.exe FILE: Using Index Server OLE DB Provider and ADO in Visual Basic
12/31/1997 fs98pat1.exe Patch Set 1 (Fs98pat1.exe) for Flight Simulator 98
12/30/1997 nmpipe.exe FILE: NMPipe.exe Sample Opens a Named Pipe Created in User-Mode
12/30/1997 listarr.exe FILE: Using Arrays For List Box Row Sources
12/30/1997 listarr.hqx FILE: Using Arrays For List Box Row Sources
12/29/1997 hookctrl.exe Hooking into the IUnknown of a COM Object in MFC
12/22/1997 iesdk401.exe FILE: Internet Explorer 4.01 Refresh of the Internet Client SDK
12/22/1997 treeview.exe SAMPLE: Manipulating and Saving the Nodes in a TreeView Control
12/22/1997 hlinkaxd.exe FILE: HLINKAXD Demonstrates a Hyperlinking Active Document
12/19/1997 projodbc.exe Microsoft(R) Project 98 (Non-Project 98 SR-1) ODBC SQL Server Driver
12/19/1997 sampcdo.exe FILE: Collaboration Data Objects with Visual C++
12/17/1997 statest.exe SAMPLE: Statest.exe Reads Status of Parallel Port
12/17/1997 oralong.exe FILE: ORALONG.EXE: Use RDO with Oracle LONG and LONG RAW Datatypes
12/16/1997 mfccdo.exe FILE: Collaboration Data Objects with Visual C++
12/15/1997 mxlmacro.hqx Microsoft(R) Excel 4.0 Macro Help
12/11/1997 mdacred.exe FILE: Required Files to Redistribute MDAC Version 1.5
12/11/1997 vtcpup20.exe Updated TCP/IP for Windows 95 with WinSock 2 Update
12/10/1997 neatcd97.exe Neat Code for Access 97
12/09/1997 nt4lexop.exe WinNT 4.0 (All Platforms) Driver Library Lexmark Optra series
12/08/1997 msvbvm50.exe FILE: MSVBVM50.EXE Installs Visual Basic 5.0 Run-time Files
12/05/1997 ml613.exe MASM 613 Patch
12/03/1997 favread.exe FILE: FAVREAD Reads Internet Shortcuts from Favorites Folder
12/03/1997 vtcpup11.exe Updated TCP/IP for Windows 95 Without WinSock 2 Update
12/02/1997 macrofun.exe Help File with Topics for Creating Microsoft(R) Excel 4.0 Macros in Excel 97 or Excel 7.0 for Windows(R)
12/02/1997 wfwfilup.exe Updated File Manager for WFW 3.11 and Post-Year-2000 Dates
12/02/1997 w31filup.exe Updated File Manager for Windows 3.1 and Post-Year-2000 Dates
12/01/1997 bullets.exe Numbered Bullets Add-In
12/01/1997 javadraw.exe FILE: Javadraw.exe MSMQ Java Drawing Sample Using SafeArrays
11/25/1997 netbios.exe SAMPLE: NetBIOS Client and Server Sample
11/25/1997 axdocfix.exe BUG: Cannot Navigate Away from MFC Active Document in IE4
11/25/1997 mapiasst.exe FILE: MAPI ASSERT Debug Routines
11/21/1997 etcprot.exe FILE: EtcProtocol Demonstrates Pluggable Protocol Handler
11/21/1997 hsrex.exe FILE: Using HttpSendRequestEx for Large POST Requests
11/21/1997 vfpmsuwz.hqx FILE: New Setup Wizard for Visual FoxPro Using OS 8
11/20/1997 vipup20.exe Updated TCP/IP Stack for Windows 95 and Winsock 2 Update
11/19/1997 remideup.exe Updated ESDI_506.PDR For Windows 95
11/18/1997 glen.exe SAMPLE: Pixel Format Enumeration in OpenGL Demo
11/18/1997 guidscan.exe FILE: View or Change GUID in a SourceSafe Database
11/13/1997 pp8to7.exe PowerPoint 97 Converter for PowerPoint 95
11/13/1997 pp8trans.exe PowerPoint 4.0 Translator for PowerPoint 97 Files
11/13/1997 pp8_68k.hqx PowerPoint 97-98 Import Converter for PowerPoint 4.0 (680x0 version)
11/13/1997 pp8_ppc.hqx PowerPoint 97-98 Import Converter for PowerPoint 4.0 (PowerPC version)
11/13/1997 awfxcg32.exe Dll file prevents error message "Outlook Caused an Invalid Page Fault"
11/12/1997 jetutils.exe Microsoft Jet Utilities
11/11/1997 prtlgpct.exe FILE: PRTLGPCT.EXE: Print a Large Bitmap on Multiple Pages
11/11/1997 getdrive.exe FILE: How To List the Drives on a Win32 System
11/11/1997 gc0165.exe Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification v. 1.5
11/07/1997 joyflt.exe FILE: Joystick and Keyboard Filter Drivers
11/07/1997 replic35.exe ACC97: Microsoft Jet 3.5 Replication White Paper
11/06/1997 jeterr35.exe Jeterr35.hlp for DAO 3.5 in Visual C++ 5.0
11/04/1997 vb5sp2ds.exe FILE: VB5SP2DS.EXE: Visual Basic SP2 Debugging Symbols
11/03/1997 mipssp4.exe SQL Server 4.21a Service Pack 4 (MIPS)
11/03/1997 alpsp4.exe SQL Server 4.21a Service Pack 4 (Alpha)
11/03/1997 odbc35c.exe FILE: Required Files to Redistribute ODBC Version 3.5
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