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Dark Reign 2 (BIN+CUE)(2000)

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Product Details
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NameDark Reign 2 (BIN)(2000)
File Namedarkreign2.bin
Size796,081,440 bytes (759.2 MB)
NameDark Reign 2 (CUE)(2000)
File Namedarkreign2.cue
Size384 bytes (384 B)
Product Description

The sequel to Dark Reign: The Future of War comes in real 3D, which is not the only new feature in this title. Gameplay is still the same like it used to be some years ago - just another RTS from that point of view. Music is dynamic and changes when it comes to a battle. Between the missions are short rendered clips. The coordination of the units is easy, and the terrains are unique in this game.
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