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Adobe ImageStyler 1.0 (1998)
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NameAdobe ImageStyler 1.0 (1998)
File NameImageStyler.iso
Size267,534,336 bytes (255.1 MB)
Product Description

Adobe ImageStyler 1.0 is a software program that helps non-professionals as well as professionals easily create unique Web graphics such as banners, headlines, navigation bars, backgrounds, and buttons. It's an application that handles such tasks involved in Web creation as: designing visual effects; optimizing graphics for quicker loading in a browser; producing JavaScript rollover effects; and even batch-updating Web pages. The program combines the illustration tools of Adobe Illustrator with the photographic rendering and manipulation facilities of Adobe Photoshop, and has additional new layering and editing features of its own. You can create objects in ImageStyler or use bitmap or vector files produced by both Illustrator and Photoshop, and you don't lose the scalability of vector graphics. This feature gives you design flexibility.

ImageStyler contains 100 pre-designed styles, dozens of shapes (ranging from umbrellas and trees to typographical dingbats), and Web page templates that can be used to quickly create sophisticated and professional Web pages, with JavaScript rollovers, by even the most design-impaired individual with no HTML or JavaScript code background. The image to the left is a template from ImageStyler. The image to the right was created using the ImageStyler template and customizing it.
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