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Oracle 7 for Windows 95 Release (Repack)

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Product Details
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NameOracle 7 for Windows 95 Release (Repack)
File NameOracle732W95.iso
Size226,273,280 bytes (215.7 MB)
Product Description

Personal Oracle7 is a desktop version of the Oracle7 Database with a Windows 95 user interface called the Oracle Navigator.

The database in this product is a desktop version of the Oracle7 database. It has the same functionality as Oracle7 databases operating on midrange and mainframe computers, except that it cannot function as a server.

Applications developed on Personal Oracle7 can run with no re-engineering on other Oracle7 platforms. Personal Oracle7 can support a maximum of 15 database connections.

Copyright (C) 1996, Oracle Corporation
You can install Personal Oracle7 for Windows 95 to a compressed disk drive. However, the Personal Oracle7 for Windows 95 Starter Database or any database that you may create, must be installed to a noncompressed disk drive. In general, the Oracle7 DBMS does not support use of disk compression software with database files. If you select either the Application Developer or the Runtime (Database Only) installation options, you will be installing the Starter Database.
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