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Glasklar Interactive - Human Body (2000)(2CD)
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NameGlasklar Interactive - Human Body (2000)(CD1)
File NameHUMAN1.iso
Size722,028,544 bytes (688.5 MB)
NameGlasklar Interactive - Human Body (2000)(CD2)
File NameHUMAN2.iso
Size691,734,528 bytes (659.6 MB)
Product Description

Glasklar's Interactive Human Body provides drawings, photos, and X-ray images, and the three-dimensional animations show the function and motion of all body systems. A movable magnifying glass zooms in on the minutest details, and a movable X-ray viewer allows the user to pan along a human model to observe different body strata—the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems and the organs.

This CD contains information on the subjects of sexuality, reproduction and birth. To prevent this CD from being opened wrongfully, it's password protected. Your standard password is: magicword.
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