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Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis (1.2)(2001)

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NameOperation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis (1.2)(2001)
Size686,618,624 bytes (654.8 MB)
Product Description

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is the first game in two separate and independent game franchises: the Operation Flashpoint series and the ARMA series. The game has been published both under its original name, as well as under the title ARMA: Cold War Assault. Notwithstanding the name change, the game is the same.

Operation Flashpoint is designed as a realistic simulation of the modern army. The game takes place on large islands where you have to battle an enemy force with a group of teammates. You can use a large amount of different weapons, including the AK-47, the M-16, hand grenades, a LAW, RPG and more.

Unusual about this game is the possibility to drive vehicles, such as jeeps, helicopters and tanks. You can take place on the driver's chair, or on the back with one of your teammates driving.

The game also supports internet multiplayer, wherein 2 teams have to battle each other in a large battlefield, again with the use of the vehicles, where you can annoy some real players carpooling in your helicopter by colliding with the earth.

When playing as normal soldier the game acts very realistic. You can't shoot properly when running, and when crawling you can't shoot at all. Also you walk on a very realistic speed which means it takes a lot of time to cross the landscape.

The landscape contains trees, towns, seas, roads and army camps, with everything on a very large scale. In single player you can also experience cut scenes rendered in the 3d engine. The game also contains speech and filmic music.
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