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Michael Jackson - Live In Seoul 1996 (VHS to DVD)

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NameMichael Jackson - Live In Seoul South Korea - HIStory World Tour 1996 (VHS to DVD)
File NameSEOUL1996.iso
Run Time119 min
Size7,778,992,128 bytes (7.24 GB)
Product Description

HIStory: Live in Seoul is a concert by Michael Jackson. It was the twelfth concert of the HIStory World Tour. It is professionally filmed by Nocturne Productions, Ltd, which filmed all of Jackson's tours and private affairs.

During the performance of "Earth Song", Jackson, (who was up on a cherry picker) was accosted by a male Korean fan who climbed up the crane just to meet Jackson. Michael held on to the man because he had a risk of falling. The man was then taken away by security after the crane was lowered. This concert was commercially released on VHS in Korea. Before the release of the Live in Bucharest DVD, this was the only commercially released Michael Jackson concert. Despite an official release, this version are poor quality because copy protection of the original VHS has prevented a good quality rip. The intros and endings of some songs are cut off.
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