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MICHAEL JACKSONDVD(Others)We Are The World (The Story Behind The Song)(2DVD)
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NameWe Are The World (20th Anniversary Special Edition)(The Story Behind The Song)(Repack)(DVD1)
File NameWATW_A.iso
Run Time52 min
Size4,687,986,688 bytes (4.36 GB)
NameWe Are The World (20th Anniversary Special Edition)(The Story Behind The Song)(Repack)(DVD2)
File NameWATW_B.iso
Run Time52 min
Size7,949,090,816 bytes (7.4 GB)
Product Description

The 20th anniversary of "We Are the World" was celebrated in 2005. Radio stations around the world paid homage to USA for Africa's creation by simultaneously broadcasting the charity song. In addition to the simulcast, the milestone was marked by the release of a two-disc DVD called We Are the World: The Story Behind the Song. Ken Kragen asserted that the reason behind the simulcast and DVD release was not for USA for Africa to praise themselves for doing a good job, but to "use it to do some more good [for the original charity]. That's all we care about accomplishing." Harry Belafonte also commented on the 20th anniversary of the song. He acknowledged that "We Are the World" had "stood the test of time"; anyone old enough to remember it can still at least hum along.


01.Music Video: We Are The World

Bonus Tracks:

01.Michael Guide Vocal
02.Recording The Chorus
03.Sha-la Background Chorus
05.Recording The Solos
06.Bob Dylan Solos
07.Bruce Springsteen Solos
08.Stevie And Diana
09.Karaoke Track


01.10th Anniversary Special "One Song Many Hands"
02.The "Live Aid Performance"

Bonus Tracks:

01.American Music Awards
03.Recording The Solos
06.Michael Jackson Solos
07.Quincy Conducting
08.Stevie And The Producers
09.Photo Gallery
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