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Michael Jackson - Dangerous The Short Films (Repack)(DVD)

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NameMichael Jackson - Dangerous The Short Films (Repack)(DVD)
File NameDANGEROUS.iso
Size7,201,460,224 bytes (6.7 GB)
Product Description

Dangerous: The Short Films is a collection of music videos from the Dangerous album by Michael Jackson released initially on VHS, Laser Disc and double Video CD (in Asia market only) in 1993 and reissued on DVD in 2000.

01. Program Start
02. Brace Yourself
03. Reaction to Black or White
04. Black or White
05. Black or White:Behind the Scenes
06. Grammy Legend Award 1993
07. Super Bowl Spectacular
08. Remember the Time: Behind the Scenes
09. Remember the Time
10. Will You Be There
11. In the Closet:Behind the Scenes
12. In the Closet
13. Ryan White
14. Gone Too Soon
15. NAACP Image Awards
16. Jam: Behind the Scenes
17. Jam
18. Introduction to Heal the World
19. Heal the World
20. Give in to Me
21. I'll be There
22. Who is It
23. Dangerous: Behind the Scenes
24. Dangerous
25. Closing Credits
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