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3D Atlas 97/98

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Name3D Atlas 97
File Name3DATLAS97.iso
Size664,743,936 bytes (633.9 MB)
Name3D Atlas 98
File NameATLAS98.iso
Size634,554,368 bytes (605.1 MB)
Product Description

3D Atlas is an educational title which boasts 3D graphics on twelve different types of spinning globes, time lapse video sequences animations showing changes to the planer such as the destruction of the ozone layer and more.

Compiles thousands of satellite images to create cloudless portrait of entire earth. Features three-dimensional spinning globe that displays physical, political, and environmental views. Includes full-screen documentaries, time-lapse photography, zoom-in feature, audio and video clips, trivia game, country profiles, video flybys, and slide shows of selected cities and countries.
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