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Novastorm (DOS)(1994)

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NameNovastorm (DOS)(1994)
File NameNOVA.iso
Size494,280,704 bytes (471.3 MB)
Product Description

Novastorm is a rail shooter developed by Psygnosis in 1994.

The game takes place some time in the distant future. Humans have left earth in several huge arks containing Earth's ecosystem, in search of a new paradise. They have become complacent: everything is controlled by artificial intelligence, while the human race sleeps and dreams of its new home. The computer systems evolve, however, and prophetize of a conquest of silicon against flesh.

The player takes control of the Scavenger 4 squadron, which has a mission to destroy the deadly Scarab-X forces, in the last hope for the human race.

Default Keys:Up(Z), Down(A), Left(,), Right(.), Pause(P), Fire(Space), Bomb(Shift), Select(Enter), Skip Cuts(Tab)
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