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The King Of Fighters Best Arrange Collection (SCDC-00014)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameSNK 新世界楽曲雑技団 - The King Of Fighters Best Arrange Collection~since 94 to 00~ (SCDC-00014)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[04:21]01.Showdown R&D (from KOF '94 Rugal Bernstein)
[04:27]02.Shuddering Gong (from KOF '95 Psycho Soldier Team)
[03:37]03.Rumbling On The City (from KOF '96 Ikari Team)
[06:26]04.Long-horned Beetle (from KOF '96 Art of Fighting Team)
[05:45]05.Rhythmic Hallucination (from KOF '97 Mid Boss Stage)
[03:57]06.Still Green (from KOF '97 Shingo Yabuki)
[05:28]07.Cool Jam ~Stormy Saxophone 3~ (from KOF '98 Iori Yagami)
[05:44]08.Tears (from KOF '99 Kyo Kusanagi)
[04:42]09.KD-0079 (from KOF '99 New Heroes Team)
[03:49]10.The King Of Fighters 2000 Prelude
[00:26]11.00 (The King Of Fighters 2000 Title)
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