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Street Fighter - Alpha/Zero (2000)(DVD9)
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NameStreet Fighter - Alpha/Zero (2000)(DVD9)
LanguageEnglish, Japanese
Run Time93 min
Size6,432,448,512 bytes (5.99 GB)
Product Description

Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation, released in Japan as Street Fighter Zero, and also known as Street Fighter Zero: The Movie, is a 2000 OVA film based on Capcom's fighting game Street Fighter Alpha 2. An English dubbed version was later produced by Manga Entertainment and released in 2001 on the 10th anniversary of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991).

Street Fighter Alpha is an animated film aimed less at admirers of the comic strip from which it derives than aficionados of the arcade computer game which is the best known embodiment of the material; as such, the narrative line is mostly an excuse for balletic fights in which eyes glare and sides of buildings fall off. Ryu is a brilliant young fighter worried that his technique may yet corrupt him into monstrousness; the boy Shun appears, claiming to be his brother and already well on the way to corruption by the technique known as the Dark Hadou. When Shun is kidnapped by an evil scientist, Ryu goes after him in spite of the possible cost to his own moral status; his friend Ken and Interpol agent Chen go along to help him, and if necessary to kill him to prevent his corruption. This is largely by-the-numbers martial arts anime, but at times exciting or beautiful for all of that; devotees of the game will love it.
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