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Gouketsuji Ichizoku Original Soundtrack(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameGouketsuji Ichizoku Original Soundtrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[00:17]01.Gouketsuji Ichizoku Title
[00:15]02.Prayer to the 100 Yen Coin (Start Demo)
[00:18]03.Dominators (Player Select)
[00:07]04.You Are Here (Map Screen) ~ The Beginning is a Orchestra Hit (VS Screen)
[01:56]05.I Want to Be a Hero (Keith Wayne's Theme)
[01:50]06.The Amiyai Tribe Tatanka's Song (White Buffalo's Theme)
[02:20]07.Day Of The Killer (Angela Belti's Theme)
[00:25]08.Winner Ondo (Winner Screen)
[00:54]09.Toughest Attack Small Kick Tune (Bonus Game)
[01:58]10.Gale (Thin Nen's Theme)
[02:32]11.A Man's Karate Way (Reiji Oyama's Theme)
[02:24]12.Living for Love (Annie Hamilton's Theme)
[01:38]13.Jon-jon Clattering (Saizo Hattori's Theme)
[02:36]14.The Spring of the Graveyard (Otane's Theme)
[00:04]15.DNA of Slaughter (Oume's Demo)
[02:07]16.Chaotic Attack When in Trouble (Oume's Theme)
[00:05]17.Bell of Regrets (Oume Defeated Demo)
[00:30]18.Their Futures (Ending Demo)
[01:19]19.Gouketsuji Ondo (Staff Roll)
[00:08]20.Game Over
[00:13]21.Keith Wayne Voice
[00:17]22.White Buffalo Voice
[00:15]23.Angela Belti Voice
[00:14]24.Thin Nen Voice
[00:16]25.Reiji Oyama Voice
[00:15]26.Annie Hamilton Voice
[00:14]27.Saizo Hattori Voice
[00:14]28.Otane & Oume Voice
[00:09]29.Otane & Oume (After Transformation) Voice
[00:32]30.Kuroko & Other Voice
[01:17]31.Character Sound Effect
[00:45]32.Other Sound Effect
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