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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksThe Shawshank Redemption Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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NameThe Shawshank Redemption - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:52]02.Shawshank Redemption (Stoic Theme)
[01:49]03.New Fish
[01:51]04.Rock Hammer
[02:48]05.An Inch of His Life
[03:03]06.If I Didn't Care
[05:05]07.Brooks Was Here
[02:00]08.His Judgement Cometh
[01:36]09.Suds on the Roof
[04:26]11.Shawshank Redemption
[02:43]12.Lovesick Blues
[01:07]13.Elmo Blatch
[03:32]16.Duettino - Sull 'Aria [from 'The Marriage of Figaro']
[01:55]17.Lovely Raquel
[01:08]18.And That Right Soon
[03:53]19.Compass and Guns
[02:44]20.So Was Red
[04:06]21.End Titles
Product Description
Acclaimed score from the beloved 1994 feature film The Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, and directed by Frank Darabont. Newman's iconic score is pitch-perfect, expertly balancing sadness, despair, humor and exaltation as it nurtures and enrichens a film that is now considered to be an all-time dramatic masterpiece.
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