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Empire Earth + The Art of Conquest (2CD)

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NameEmpire Earth (2001)
File NameEmpire Earth.iso
Size506,025,984 bytes (482.5 MB)
NameEmpire Earth - The Art of Conquest (2002)
File NameArt of Conquest.iso
Size229,795,840 bytes (219.1 MB)
Product Description

Empire Earth was released in 2001. It was published by Sierra Entertainment. The game was praised for its in-depth gameplay, and received positive critical acclaim. The 2 million unit sales were enough to spawn an expansion pack and several sequels to the game. The game had 14 epochs in it, which totaled 500,000 years. The game also included 21 nations, from every age and location. It consisted of 4 campaign mode missions which consisted of historic moments based on Ancient Greece and Macedon, England's constant wars with the French including the Norman Conquests of England, the Germans in World War I and II, and a fantasy future scenario involving Russia and their conquest of the world.

Initially released in 2002, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest was an expansion pack for the first Empire Earth.

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest includes three new single-player campaigns set in ancient Rome, the Pacific Theater of World War II, and Asia in the 24th century. In addition, each of the 21 pre-designed civilizations in the game gains a unique special power, building, or unit. Examples include: the Kingdom of Italy's Metallurgy power, which allows them to pay building costs with gold or iron interchangeably, Great Britain's S.A.S. unit will be able to plant demolitions and swim across water, and the United States' market building will allow that civilization to trade abundant resources for scarce ones.

Players can become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building, and leading a civilization to transcend the ages - from the discovery of fire, to flight, to the next frontier: space.
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