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PC GAMESimulationSpaceStation Sim (2.0)(2005)
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Product Details
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NameSpaceStation Sim (2.0)(2005)
File NameSpaceStationSim.iso
Size770,632,800 bytes (734.9 MB)
Product Description

SpaceStationSim is a space station simulation video game by American studio Vision Videogames. The game was developed with cooperation from NASA[4][5][6] and the Japanese Space Administration.

SpaceStationSim is a Life simulation game. The player takes the role as Chief Administrator of NASA. In the game, the player is tasked with assigning astronauts to the space station and managing module construction and various experiments on board the space station. On board the Space Station disasters occur, and the player is tasked to solve them. At the beginning of the game, the player is given the option of creating his astronaut, using an interface similar to the game Sims. Options given to the player to improve the character include certain variables like sociability and scientific ability.

The game was in developed for 5 years with a team of 20 people from Vision Videogames, as well as over 30 contributors from NASA. Officially, the game was announced in September 2003 by GRS Games, the then predecessor of Vision Videogames. GRS Games was an independent development company based in Towson, Maryland, that was working on the game. The company was acquired by Vision Videogames in March 2004 in a management buyout. The game's budget was $3 million but then raised to $3.5 million.
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