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Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition SP3
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NameMicrosoft Windows XP Starter Edition SP3
File NameV3ACOEM_EN.iso
Size595,619,840 bytes (568 MB)
Product Description

Windows XP Starter Edition is an edition of Windows XP, released on 11 August 2004. It is a stripped down version of Windows XP Home Edition that was released internationally for a very cheap price or bundled with low-cost low-end OEM PCs in developing countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and some Latin American countries.

Differences from other Versions:

The Luna theme cannot be activated since the tab to change the theme is removed. However, the file is still available and can be used via registry modification.

The user cannot run more than three programs or three sessions of a program. Terminating Explorer bypasses this limit.

This build will not boot on a faster CPU, as it will result in an "Unsupported state" error message that results in a system crash. Alongside, it will not recognize more than 512MB of RAM (256MB for most international releases).

A permanent watermark is added on the bottom right of the screen, which will still appear on top of everything as long as Explorer is active.

It uses large icons and mouse cursor by default.

There is only one wallpaper that is used by default. However, localized versions have a small selection of wallpapers corresponding to the version's region, an example being that the Russian version features a wallpaper depicting the Cathedral of St. Basil titled St_Basils_and_Kremlin.

It contains a very different File Protection; if there are any user modifications in the registry or system files, then an "Unsupported state" error message will appear and then winlogon.exe will get terminated, more than likely leading to a system crash. Certain procedures, which include disabling system protection services, are required to circumvent the problem.

Classic View in the Control Panel is missing, however it can be restored via logging in as a SYSTEM or NETWORKSERVICE account privilege.

There is a 1024x768 screen resolution limit.

It is not possible to access the right click menus for the taskbar or the start menu.
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