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PC GAMEActionPrince of Persia Collection - Limited Edition (1998)
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Product Details
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NamePrince of Persia Collection - Limited Edition (1998)
File NamePOPCLE.iso
Size636,583,936 bytes (607 MB)
Product Description

A compilation CD that includes:

Prince of Perisa: The First Adventure 1990 (1.4)
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow And The Flame 1993 (1.1)
The Making of Prince of Persia 3D video

Prince of Persia: The first part of a trilogy joins action adventure genre while you fence your way through the dungeons and halls of the Grand Vizier Jaffar's castle, in your quest to save the princess. The whole rescuing operation gives you a certain amount of time, just to make the whole thing a bit more dynamic.

Prince of Persia 2: This time, your title and life has been taken away by the Jaffar's tricks, and you have to fight him once more. With a bit more improved graphics, you'll have to do the task very similar to the one from the original Prince of Persia.
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