SOFTWAREEducationalNational Geographic - The '90s (3CD)
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NameNational Geographic - The '90s (January 1990-June 1993)(CD1)
File NameNGS_1990_1993.iso
Size635,600,896 bytes (606.1 MB)
NameNational Geographic - The '90s (July 1993-December 1996)(CD2)
File NameNGS_1993_1996.iso
Size638,386,176 bytes (608.8 MB)
NameNational Geographic - The '90s (January 1997-December 1997)(CD3)
File NameNGS_1997.iso
Size490,131,456 bytes (467.4 MB)
Product Description

Every page, every issue....Follow Jane Goodall's 35-year odyssey dedicated to understanding the ways of chimpanzees in the wild. Examine the state of our most critical resource - water. Discover the chilling mystery behind Peru's Ice Maiden mummy. Follow the fight to save the earth's disappearing wildlife through the Endangered Species Act. Once more, witness the devastating aftermath of the Gulf War. And experience many more captivating moments from the 1990s.

Scanned image, poor definition
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