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Konami - Apocalyptica (2003)(2CD)

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Product Details
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NameKonami - Apocalyptica (2003)(CD1)
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish
File NameAPOC1.iso
Size620,484,608 bytes (591.7 MB)
NameKonami - Apocalyptica (2003)(CD2)
LanguagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish
File NameAPOC2.iso
Size655,409,152 bytes (625 MB)
Product Description

The forces of good and evil collide in this third-person gothic science fiction shooter.

The single-player mode lets players select one of 16 characters and lead a team of holy avengers against the forces of Neo-Satan. Characters are skill rated and armed with guns, swords, and spells. Although the teammates and opponents are bots, each of the 18 levels is an objective based mission typical of multiplayer FPS games (rescue hostages, deliver packages, etc...). The player and bots re-spawn an unlimited number of times until the level objective is completed or failed. The forces of evil usually have a numerical advantage including a team of character type bots (comparable to the player's team) and an additional horde of mindless minions.

During the game press ~ to open the console, then type 'exodus 15:3' to enable the cheatmode.

Cheat Commands

god 1 - God Mode
god 0 - Exit God Mode
fly 1 - Fly Mode
fly 0 - Walk Mode
nextlevel - Skip current level
changecharacter - Change current playing character
list - Many more commands
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