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ILLUSION - Real Kanojo (+MOD)

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NameILLUSION -Real Kanojo (+MOD)
File NameRG_Eng.iso
Size1,655,312,384 bytes (1.54 GB)
Product Description

Real Kanojo ("Real Girlfriend") is a game that simulates physical seduction and sex. There are three scenarios in the game, dedicated to three different girls. There isn't much background story for either of the scenarios: Aya is apparently on a vacation with the protagonist, and their scenes occur in a hotel room, swimming pool, etc.; Ai is visited by the hero in her apartment, subsequently taking a bath with him; Kaori is a young and sexy English language teacher, so the seduction develops in a classroom and later in her house.

The game is done entirely in real-time 3D. The player has to complete several "groping" sessions before engaging in actual sex. During the groping the girls are still fully clothed, and the player's goal is to successfully "stimulate" them. This is achieved entirely by moving the mouse; strength and intensity of the movement correspond to the movement of the protagonist's hands on the screen.

Forbidden Under the Age of 18
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