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Fable III (Multilingual)(2011)(DVD)

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Product Details
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NameFable III (Multilingual)(2011)(DVD)
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovak
File NameFable III.iso
Size8,115,113,984 bytes (7.55 GB)
Product Description

Fable III is a 2010 action role-playing open world video game, developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The third game in the Fable series, the story focuses on the player character's struggle to overthrow the King of Albion, the player character's brother, by forming alliances and building support for a revolution. After a successful revolt, the player becomes the monarch and is tasked with attempting to defend Albion from a great evil.

Fable III takes place on the fictional continent of Albion, 50 years after the events of Fable II. The player character of the previous game, the "Hero of Bowerstone", became ruler of Albion and forged a new kingdom with Bowerstone as its capital. As a result, the kingdom has begun entering an industrial age, where large-scale resource gathering and factories have become commonplace. Alongside Albion, the game also includes the foreign land of Aurora, a desert region that is struggling to rebuild after a devastating event.

The game was released on 29 October 2010 for Xbox 360 and on 20 May 2011 for PC via both Games for Windows and Steam. The PC version includes a Hardcore mode and 3D functionality not found in the Xbox 360 version.

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