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PC GAMEMiscellaneousFallout Tactics - Brotherhood Of Steel (1.27)(2001)(3CD)
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Product Details
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NameFallout Tactics - Brotherhood Of Steel (2001)(CD1)
File NameFOT_1.iso
Size641,163,264 bytes (611.4 MB)
NameFallout Tactics - Brotherhood Of Steel (2001)(CD2)
File NameFOT_2.iso
Size662,654,976 bytes (631.9 MB)
NameFallout Tactics - Brotherhood Of Steel (2001)(CD3)
File NameFOT_3.iso
Size742,538,160 bytes (708.1 MB)
Product Description

After the great war, the wasteland is inhabited by a wide variety of mutated species... And one force of order and justice: the Brotherhood of Steel. As a new initiate to the Brotherhood, you will undertake different missions to take on Raiders and such as you attempt to protect the fragile respawning of civilization... and discover the new threat to the west...

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is essentially the combat portion of the original Fallout series, with a new campaign, graphical polish, a set of random encounters, and a world map. The emphasis is on squad tactics and tactical combat, though your characters will grow like in any RPG.
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